A little boy from Ghana officially recognized as the youngest painter in the world, his mother is proud

Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah achieved the incredible feat at one year and 152 days

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The mother of the little boy from Ghana, who is officially recognized as the youngest painter in the world, told the BBC that she is proud of her son's artistic abilities and hopes that he will succeed in conquering the world of art.

Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah achieved an incredible feat at one year and 152 days.

"He already knows what colors complement each other," said his mother, Chantel Kukua Egan, who has also been an artist for eight years.

Egan said she first realized his talent when he was just six months old.

Ace-Liam were officially honored with the title last Monday, after five months of waiting for Guinness World Records to confirm their attempt.

"When I opened the email, I just broke down and thanked God," Egan told the BBC.

To qualify for the record, Guinness said Ace-Liam had to be part of a professional exhibition that was open to the public and sell work.

They added that the work had to be done in accordance with professional standards and to prove that he did it himself.

Ace-Liam's work was exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in the capital, Accra, from last December to early January.

It sold nine out of 10 pieces on display and was even commissioned by the First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, who attended the exhibition.

Čudo, who turns two in July, has sold 15 paintings during his career so far and is scheduled to host an auction soon.

Entering the world of art was initially unintentional.

Egan said he stumbled into painting, or rather, got into it.

She was working on a piece she was given to make for Miss Juniverse 2023.

Being a single mother, she had to keep Ace-Liam entertained while she worked.

"How can I paint and raise a child," she thought to herself.

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Then she spread a stretched canvas on the floor, put some paint on it and let him play with it.

"He was so intrigued by the bright colors," she said warmly.

His first masterpiece was aptly named Crawl.

Ace-Liam's art is defined by bright colors and acrylic paint to create dynamic abstract paintings.

"His paintings show someone who is intrigued by discovering things," Egan told the BBC.

She hopes her son will follow in the footsteps of Ghanaian artist Amaoko Boafo.

"He managed to put Ghana on the map when it comes to art," she said.

But when it comes to international artists, she wants her son to look up to American artist Jackson Pollock and Great Britain's Damian Hirst.

"Jackson Pollock allowed his inner child to still be with him, even when he was old. His work is lively and spontaneous and that's how I see my son's work," she said.

Egan hopes Ace-Liamu will receive an international scholarship to continue developing his artistic talent.

"I want to encourage parents to nurture their children's talent from an early age," she said.

For now, Ace-Liam has a studio that his mother built for him and is ready to create his next masterpiece.

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