Junčaj: I'm not on the video where the students were shooting at the teacher

Some of the disputed recordings, which were found on social networks, were created at the end of the last school year

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A day after the videos from the classrooms of the "25. Maj" Secondary School in Tuzi, which shocked the public, and which show the teacher being shot at, chairs being thrown, and school property being destroyed, the reaction of the Ministry of Education arrived.

They say that the Law on General Education clearly stipulates who in the system can and must take certain measures in relation to such and similar issues.

"The school, i.e. the teachers' council, can only impose measures, and the Ministry of Education is the second-level authority that decides on student complaints about the imposed educational measure - the exclusion of students from school or the termination of student status, in accordance with the Law," the Ministry of Education announced Television News.

Some of the disputed recordings, which were found on social networks, were made at the end of the last school year, and the acting director of the school, Sehad Ljuljanaj, said earlier that the incidents were not reported to the school administration. He also said that he became aware of the recordings ten days ago, and that they were made at a time when he was not at the head of this educational institution.

"The Ministry of Education contacted the School Board and recommended the inclusion of mobile teams from the Institute of Education, which will help the Board and employees in preventing future events. We emphasize that the educational system must have zero tolerance for such situations and we expect an adequate response from those who authorities," stated the Ministry of Education.

Today, Ardijana Junčaj, the teacher of the economic group of subjects at the Mixed Secondary School "25. May", reacted. She denied it on a video from the classroom, which shows students throwing a hard object in the teacher's path.

"I would like to inform you of the fact that the teacher, i.e. the person in the video, is not Ardijana Junčaj, i.e. me, but another female person, who is also a teacher at the gymnasium in Tuzi (I do not want to give further information )", she stated in a response submitted to Television Vijesti Junčaj.

Junčaj, as confirmed to Television News, is on another video from the classroom, which was also published in yesterday's report. Television Vijesti apologizes to the teacher Junčaj for the unintentional omission in the attachment, the intention of which is to point out the problems that occur in the classroom, and not to target anyone.

Yesterday, Junčaj did not want to comment on the footage, which was delivered to the newsroom of Television News. In the meantime, after the program was broadcast, accounts on social networks were blocked, on which controversial videos from the school were published.