Talent, commitment and persistence

The mechanism of fraud is very simple and, although it is denied for the sake of form, in fact it is hardly concealed

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What is talent in politics anyway, who is a talented politician and how is this trait detected? Who is most competent to recognize the talent of a talented politician: other talented politicians?

When, for example, Aleksandar Vučić praises the political talent of Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski and says that he has long wanted to see her in his orchestra for weddings and funerals, what exactly does that mean?

If, for example, Leo Messi says about another football player that he is great and that he would like them to play for the same team, there is no ambiguity. Because the nature of the game in which Messi participates is clear.

This is how, quite clearly, his talent is measured.

Does this also apply to Aleksandar Vučić? At the time when he was only one of the candidates, he lost all the elections for other political positions, say for mayor.

In political debates, he showed himself to be an empty-mouthed whiny troublemaker, and he showed exceptionality only in passive aggressiveness of the most repulsive kind.

He didn't show talent, but he certainly did. And it is known in what supposed advantages of persistence "our people" persistently believe.

Ever since Tomislav Nikolić pushed him into power, our Vučić A. seems to have turned into something completely different: into a dangerous political predator who easily tears apart everything that stands in his way.

In fact, such an image of him has been systematically created for a whole decade, and the funniest thing of all is that he is the most loyal believer of that fair illusion, not much more subtle than when you stick your head into that hole under which Arnold Schwarzenegger's cardboard body is sifting.

It's clear, such dilettante fashions are no longer bought even in the sad autumn kirbays of the remotest villages of Transylvania, but in Serbia you can still become president with that stunt.

The mechanism of fraud is very simple and, although it is denied for the sake of form, in fact it is hardly concealed. Predator Vučić fights exclusively against opponents whose hands and feet are tied, and who are also previously bruised from all sides.

And they are not allowed to say almost anything, because they have nowhere. Directly for him, and directly against all of them, all possible public resources were employed, institutions on which the democratic order rests elsewhere: the judiciary, the police, independent supervisory institutions, the media.

To that extent, we are all slaves to an order that serves only one, and at the same time we neatly and richly finance its survival.

So, this is what an alpha-male looks like among the "talented politicians" of Serbia: as a being devoid of scruples that would prevent him from doing anything, and devoid of shame ever reaching his consciousness and conscience that in reality, he is outside the fair picture he created so fell in love with her, a shameless usurper of a country and millions of human lives stuck in it.

How is such a heavy deadlock unblocked? Or so that we all migrate the way of the mythical south, but we are not birds - or so that he lands back in ordinary life, and there, as he likes. Everything is fine, as long as it is legal.

And Milica Zavetnica? A poor offspring of the nineties, a "political being" modeled to recharge batteries with the help of a few miserable platitudes on which all that knee-jerk and fragile Chinese-made "Serbian patriotism" is written (the original was long ago squandered in idiotic wars), she really is someone who will easily belong to that nest, if we joke for a moment and believe that she didn't make it in the first place.

It is up to us to turn to some others, who may not be so talented by the Usurper's standards and who would only mess up his nest, and to support them however we can.

Because they will have to find ways to do the utility work that we never manage to do, even though it's basically simple. Perhaps too simple for generations steeped in grumbling and cynicism beforehand.


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