Comrade Đuro, not far from the shoes

So far, I have often performed in UIKS and Prison - Bijelo Polje, where I was sent off with applause because prisoners also have the right to cultural content, even with "non-musical" singers.

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Radosavović, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
Radosavović, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube

Answer to Đur Radosavović's column "Sponges and bands" published on the Vijesti portal on February 10, 2024.

I read your cynical review of my performance at UIKS and was taken aback by the level of your lack of manners and contempt, along with the absence of journalistic ethics, while your self-confidence that you know everything and judge everything as one whose self is not denied is disgusting.


You have also engaged in evaluations of my musicality, and you are not from the world of music, but you have picked up bad grades from social networks and joined with extreme elitism. And let me clarify: in addition to the malice of idlers on social networks, in Montenegro I am known as a fighter for the rule of law, and I am the target of revengers from the already defeated bloc, who use my musical performances for malicious comments. And you, like a stowaway in the music wagon, jumped in to see that there were more chasers. In your pamphlet, there is revanchism towards the DNP because of its traditionally "fine" relations with "Vijesti".

For your information, so far I have had concerts where the great Zoran Kalezić was my guest of honor, so it is surprising that he was a guest of someone who does not know how to sing. I have recorded a CD at MACG with songs for which I did the lyrics and music, I have been playing accordion for years, and I also played bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums, and I am no stranger to music, so you rushed out for the sake of spectacle.

There is no specific information in your biography that you were also involved in music, and in your review you give malicious evaluations of my performance as if you were a member of the "Zvezda Granda" jury. Well, as a self-proclaimed music expert, you decided that "there is no point in me playing and singing", because the prisoners, "even though they applauded, they did not deserve such a punishment", because it is a "punishment for the ears". Good for being malicious.

So far, I have often performed in UIKS and Prison - Bijelo Polje, where I was greeted with applause because prisoners also have the right to cultural content, even with "non-musical" singers. And even if I sing badly, the humane mission goes beyond the side that you are making fun of. You can check my playing and singing in the TVCG show "Our Heritage" on YouTube, where there are also songs from my CD, if you are musical at all.

At the same time, you ignore the humanitarian aspect of performing in UIKS, and during the last three months I performed in about twenty institutions of special social importance, from Pljevlja to Kotor. So suppress extreme cynicism, which does not befit a smart young man, because you did not become famous with your column, despite all the external flash.

You write that it would be best if a band performed in Spuž. But it's one thing what would happen if it happened. I am one of the few who comes there, with a hundred procedures and personal expenses for the public address system.

You know the story about the Greek painter Apelles, who was reproached by a cobbler for not painting a shoe well, so the painter corrected the mistake, and the cobbler continued his criticism, and Apelles said: "Cobbler, stay away from the shoes."

Well, think about the need to make a name for yourself as a music expert with cynical comments that only harm you.

I invite you to my concert at the beginning of March in Zatvor - Bijelo Polje. You will be a welcome guest; if necessary, I will bear the costs for your return ticket Belgrade - Bijelo Polje so that you can see for yourself whether you are right or insinuating. Come and socialize with prisoners in a cultural atmosphere.

And one more thing, when you are already a columnist, you yourself see that I write columns better than you, so it is not bad to return to the factory settings from journalistic ethics.

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