Dino Hrapović, both hero and victim

This country can become a decent place to live only if it is based on the truth, but still a little different from the one that Andrija Mandić interprets for us and prepares for textbooks

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The truth is a little different though! With these words, one of the champions of the NGO sector reprimanded Prime Minister Spajić, after he, unprovoked, charmed the public once again in the press with the announcement of a strategic partnership. This time with the French energy giant, which we have never heard of, and which we, the unknown and corrupt, need to be taught about green energy and decarbonization. Whatever that means. The truth is a little different, says Milovac from Mans. Not in the sense that Spajki invented the French, or that he overemphasized their planetary importance, but that he was carried away again, so in the presentation he pointed out that EDF produces 96 percent of energy from renewable sources, which is why they are a godsend for the aforementioned training and consulting. It turned out that the truth is more or less different - namely, in the EDF portfolio, only 13,9 percent of the so-called green energy! But Milovac was an eagle in vain! Spajić apologized to him and in fact explained to all of us additionally that it is unimportant what the truth is and what EDF actually produces, they are great no matter how you look at it - the only problem is of a semantic nature, wrongly chosen words and not numbers.

The truth is a little different, pilot Eldin Hrapović could say, with a wistful smile, if he heard Andrija Mandić of this world in the heavens, opening a street with his name in the middle of Dino's native Pljevlja and giving a speech to a worthy hero: "Dino Hrapović is honorable, the honorable knight of Pljevlja, who kept his oath, his word, his homeland until the end of his life. On such examples, on the examples of Dino Hrapović, the officers of the Army of Montenegro should be educated today... We will do everything in our power to ensure that the names of brave knights, honorable men, and virtuous heroes are mandatory reading for young people in textbooks, where young people are educated. generations in Montenegro. That they know how to respect the given word and the signed oath," said Mandic, speaker of the Montenegrin parliament.

And why is the truth a little different?!

In order to understand the answer, it is important to explain the context. First, one small, almost imperceptible detail - it's not 1999, but 1991. As with the prime minister and the French energy giant, numbers are the problem again. Although Mandić was not lying, it could have gone unnoticed, considering that just a few days before, the phenomenal Serbian world was celebrating the anniversary of the war with the NATO alliance. Namely, the Yugoslav pilot Eldin Hrapović did not defend his honor and his word given to his homeland during Milošević's (and Mandić's) war with the world in 1999, but at the beginning of the years of evil, in 1991. When Milošević, but also Đukanović (Mandić was an ordinary infantryman) went into the magnum kremen, or a criminal campaign that will produce four wars against one's own country and people.

The first of those wars, almost imperceptible, if you can say that about any war, was the one on Slovenian soil. Compared to what would happen in the years to come, the short-lived and controlled conflict in the land of dragonflies looked more like a demonstration exercise than a real war. For all but about fifty families who, on one side and the other, lost their loved ones. Among them, for the parents of Eldin Hrapović, who died in a downed JNA helicopter at an early age.

Is it true that Dino Hrapović, some year before that fateful year in 1991, took the oath to the Yugoslav People's Army? It is. Did that oath include getting into a helicopter and going on a mission when you are not quite clear where you should fly and who you should attack or defend? It is. Did Dino Hrapović remain faithful to his oath and to his JNA? It is. Is he a hero who lost his life while serving the army he swore to? It is. So what is the truth, but still a little different?!

It is true that the war of the 90s was not, as Mandić described it in his speech, patriotic. Even less liberating. And in 1991, the mentioned organized criminal group, with Milošević as the supreme commander, and Veljko Kadijević, the head of the aforementioned JNA, with the ardent support of the so-called AB revolutionaries, of whom Milo Đukanović is the best known to you today, embarked on a bloody feast of destruction of a truly phenomenal world. Yugoslav. So Dino Hrapović died in the fratricidal war, on the wrong side of history. Without the possibility to decide or reject something as a boy, like thousands of other soldiers, true patriots and Yugoslavs, who were forced into a cycle of hatred, after which the war could begin. None of the ringleaders from OKG, Milošević, Kadijević, Momir, Milo, asked them if it was your war, if it was our army or which homeland was attacked. And who is attacking her?! They, those young people, in their prime, had almost no choice - they went after an imaginary enemy so that many of them, like Eldin Hrapović, would lose the most valuable thing - their lives.

There. That's the truth, a little different from the one that was thrown in our faces the other day by the head of the Assembly Andrija Mandić in Pljevlja. If he had wondered, Dino Hrapović probably would not have entered the helicopter on that fateful June 27, 1991, because he knew that it was not his war, that the homeland that Mandić was defending all these decades was not his, that Yugoslavia was a homeland and not a homeland, and that made communism economically unsustainable, uncompetitive, which is why it was only necessary to dismantle, with champagne, like the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Instead, Milošević and all his followers played a bloody game that killed more than 200 thousand, mostly innocent people, among the first was Dino Hrapović.

All this means that Eldin Hrapović deserved a street in his native Pljevlje, but that today's generations and those to come did not deserve to be raised on lies but on the truth, which is nevertheless slightly different from the one sold to us by the converted Dalai Lama. If they had adhered to honor, like Dino Hrapović, Mandić and Vraneš, they would not have even appeared at the mentioned ceremony. Especially not in the role of organizer and promoter. They had no place there, not at all, if they cared about the truth and heroism they invoked. It was clearly a bad intention - to use the innocent victim of Eldin Hrapović for the promotion of Mandić's and Vraneš's worldview, which in fact led to war, and thus the death of the young pilot from Pljevlja! It was an hour of party revisionism, with which the announcer, since becoming the Dalai Lama, every now and then, as if he won't, tries to erase recent history and darken the bright future.

It is bad for us, especially the younger generations, if history textbooks are compiled according to Andrija Mandić's idea. Revision of history and celebration of defeat lead every nation to repeat mistakes and new stumbles. This country can become a decent place to live only if it is based on the truth, but still a little different from the one that the Dalai Lama interprets for us and prepares for textbooks. The second one, Prime Minister Spajić's truth, will be a little easier to deal with. Although it is also a little different, its consequences cannot be so tragic and far-reaching.

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