Crisis as a way of being

Crisis imposes itself as our second name, as our essential characteristic, as what we live with, leave and disappear in this country

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For as long as we can remember, in fact post-Dayton BiH has been a country of permanent political crisis, almost in those less than thirty years of peace, there was not a single day here when we were not drilled by that impression as a community. Crisis imposes itself as our second name, as our essential feature, as what we live with, leave and disappear in this country. When someone says crisis, we naturally think of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of our inability to once again function as a society, to find a solution to direct this asset of ours in a direction that does not go beyond the scope of common sense and civilizational horizons. In other words, many generations were born here who do not know a different social climate than moving from crisis to crisis. What was left to us after the Dayton Peace Agreement as a kind of platform on which to build something happier and a habitat more worthy of man, in the years that followed was constantly dismantled, dismantled, brought to the ultimate consequences of survival.

With that impression of constantly levitating on the very edge of the abyss, there was almost never a moment that witnessed something different, some period when we were sure that things were really going in a slightly better direction, with any vision of the future that would allow us to grasp any what a utopian thought that one day it will dawn. During the past years, we have lost a lot, above all we have lost people, those who are unable to cope with constant pressures, deafened by ethno-national frictions and partitocratic fights, have given up believing in this country and its existence. On the other hand, those who remained seem to show less and less interest in any interaction related to the construction of this country on a just and humane basis. a vessel based on national exclusivity exists for itself and for its own sake.

Hence, every lightly understood success, every apparent boost, such as the opening of accession negotiations for EU membership, constantly remains in the shadow of that pernicious atmosphere of blockade and stumbling that imposes itself on us as essentially the only known constant. We didn't even receive the news properly that some progress has finally been made in this living mud in which we have been swimming for so long, and new tension in the situation, new threats, blackmail, new discords and suffocations are already on the agenda. Regardless of every proclaimed goal and progress, we return again and again, as if in some kind of curse, to the same actors and their same vicious circles of dissolution over the backs of citizens who, in the race for their own, increasingly complex and difficult existence, no longer have the strength even to they react to all that amount of daily media and other outpourings that are frantically delivered to our heads and brains.

The decision of the High Representative to impose decisions related to the Electoral Law - regardless of the ambition to stop electoral theft - brought us back to the starting point of friction that is so well known, repeated, chewed over, used so many times, but it is traded again and again , is once again the coin that tries to stop the breaking of the membrane of insanity that keeps us inexorably in regression. No matter what that decision was, no matter how much it, like many other decisions, in reality achieves little in terms of its qualities, what the representatives of the government saw in it was a return to the same malignant maneuvers of imitation, with which everything in the previous achieved during the period, is now blackened, and it seems that nothing has actually been done. And it's the same every time, if today we felt that some change might be possible, that there are some elements of hope that we will gather around what our common goals and interests are, so that we would all be at least somewhat better, tomorrow we experience denial that, we fall into new cauldrons of pre-election engineering, which traps everything in front of it in the gray of partisanship. The truth is one thing, no matter how we look at all these things, as long as we agree to a system that only produces conflict for the sake of preserving our own interests, at the expense of the interests of the people, things will repeat themselves, every success will be turned into a failure, and every hope will be extinguished in new impositions of crises. Will we have the strength, the rest of us, as we are, to deal with it, is a question that means the possibility to even imagine life here, but life outside the national cages and their associated burdens of blackness.


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