IBAR and North Korea

My dear citizens, happy IBAR and the new 1948. Long live Serbia! And our, "southern" Korea. Already seen, two eyes in the dark

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Photo: Sputnik via Reuters
Photo: Sputnik via Reuters
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It was Friday night. IBAR was obtained, so it was an ideal opportunity for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to appear at the launch ceremony of a large intercontinental ballistic missile.

Kim Jong Un, if you didn't know, leads one of the most secretive countries in the world, authoritatively and unscrupulously. He is both the prime minister and the president, the head of the parliament, the commander of the army, and the director of the police administration, and the chief negotiator and head of the judiciary, he is also the director and editor-in-chief of the Public Service, which serious analysts see as a mere propaganda channel for brainwashing and keeping under by controlling the population of North Korea. In numerous situations when there were ripples within the Party or the Government, Kim Jong Un misused state television to deal with unruly elements. In addition, he kidnapped their ministers, bought MPs and mayors, targeted champions, all with the intention of marginalizing these subjects and reducing them to decoration. Which in the end he succeeded.

What intrigued Western observers was the fact that, on the occasion of the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching US territory, Kim Jong Un appeared in public for the first time with loyal Party General Secretary Choe Ryong Hae, who bears an irresistible resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, the British actor, played the character of Harry Potter. North Korea's state news agency KCNN published several photos showing Kim Jong and Choe Ryong talking to officials and toasting the launch of the missile. And obtaining IBAR.

It is interesting that the permission to launch an intercontinental missile was requested from the official Brussels by the General Secretary of the Party, Choe Ryong, and not the Leader himself. And that official Brussels, after consultation with Washington, concluded that we must support everything that wonderful man and leader, Kim Jong Un, is doing. And how they have full confidence in him because during his recent visit to Brussels, he explained to them that he brandishes weapons only for internal purposes, to intimidate the people and strengthen autocracy and autocracy, as well as for the entertainment of his children who have never heard of Harry Potter, so instead of elves they adore their aunt Choe Ryong. Whoever wants to can't look like Harry Potter because Harry is only a literary character, therefore imaginary.

A little known detail from the biography of Kim Jong Un is that he, under a different name and in strict secrecy, briefly studied in Switzerland (not Japan), where he led a dissolute life as a playboy and spendthrift. However, he will later admit that he adores Singapore more than Switzerland and Japan. Because there is no joke or democracy there. Both in Singapore and in North Korea, a dynasty rules, one family gives the prime minister, who is also the head of state, and the commander of the army, and the director of the police department, and the speaker of the parliaments and the editor-in-chief of the state television and all other media.

The appearance of Kim Jong Un with General Secretary Choe Ryong, who is behind his powerful wife Kim Yo, Kim Jong Un's sister, opened the question to Western experts and the Brussels administration about the state of health of the Korean leader!

His health has been the subject of much speculation for a while, not only when it comes to Kim but also his environment. Recently, rumors appeared on social networks that one of his closest associates, almost an intimate, was admitted to the Pyongyang Clinical Center, in a strange condition, with strange behavior, which, miraculously, caused his reaction. The button of the minister, not his boss. On the other hand, Western experts wonder how a normal leader could think of using the IBAR, which is the Holy Scripture of the EU, and under the guise of European values ​​and standards, spoof legal solutions that lead to a hideous dictatorship.

Michael Mode, an expert on the Far East, notes that Kim Jong-un's compromised health is also indicated by the fact that he sees himself as supreme - prime minister, president, head of the Assembly, commander of the army, director of the Police Department, editor-in-chief of the Public Service and other media, while members of the cabinet treats ministers as keys and those in the Parliament as deputies!? In official Brussels, they shrug their shoulders at all this and reluctantly remain silent, holding their noses shut due to the malignant influence of Russia, which is traditionally an ally of North Korea. That's why European bureaucrats supported the amendments of the General Secretary of the Party and a big fan of Kim Jong Un, as a step forward and a big day for media freedom in North Korea.

Already seen from Brussels, the policy of double standards, supporting stabilocracy instead of democracy, which we have seen in the past decades when the EU treated our eternal North Korea in a similar way. While Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were in power, Kim Jong Un's grandfather and great-grandfather. Under the same pretext that they choose the lesser of two evils, and that they prefer Kim IL Sung, the guarantor of peace and stability, to some pro-Russian group with Pi-Pun-Jong, which would move North Korea miles away from membership in the European Union.

In addition to health, Western media are also intrigued by the secrets and controversies surrounding Kim's wealth and family. Although he appeared in public only once with his daughter Chu-Ae, experts believe that Kim Jong Un has as many as three children, two girls and a boy. And that he has an apartment in BG-On-The-Water, as well as a house in Muo-Ča, municipality of Kotor-Bay, all in the name of the mentioned children. Because the NGO sector in North Korea is so strong and serious that they don't let Kim Jong Un alone with investigations into his hidden wealth. The great leader, however, remains extremely secretive - even the identity of his first partner, Ri Sol-Yu, was kept secret until it emerged that he fathered an illegitimate child with her.

After the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that flew over Japan, the government of that country recommended its residents to hide in the nearest atomic shelters. A similar warning could be issued by someone in our "southern" Korea, after receiving the IBAR, but no one. Because Kim Jong Un is both the Prime Minister and the President, and the Commander of the Army and the Director of the Police Directorate, and the speaker in the Parliament and the VDT, he is the director and editor-in-chief of the Public Service, and soon all other media, the members of his cabinet are key ministers, while MPs also gave him a key. Every pathology, say psychiatrists, has its roots in early childhood, and so did Kim - as a child, he spent a lot of time in the shop of his uncle Khan-Kar-Ish, who for decades ran a store of electrical materials, and not just a travel agency. And that's where Kim Jong fell in love with the buttons because he was impressed by how a simple push of a button could turn off the light. And the darkness seduced. Which is the only thing that cannot be seen from the tragicomic Brussels, because the Russian malignant influence took out their eyes. Not only today, but decades ago.

My dear citizens, happy IBAR and the new 1948. Long live Serbia! And our, "southern" Korea. Already seen, two eyes in the dark.

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