Oil, flour, sugar and a sovereign prime minister

Only extraordinary elections can preserve the civil character of Montenegro, as well as peace. Maintaining a majority that has no legitimacy for the politics of the Serbian world, blood and soil, leads society into divisions and conflicts

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I may be a sick person, a monkey, a lunatic, a psychopath, but I am ending my active involvement in politics - Aleksandar Vučić will say after the end of his mandate in 2027 and go straight into history. Hearts full, because Belgrade will reach Mala Moštanica on the water by then, the Expo will jump to 27 billion, and Serbia will be as big as the joke - almost as far as Tokyo.

The project of the Serbian world will provide him with the greatest scope of his career and a place in the textbooks, he will turn out to be a magician who achieved with nice words, propaganda and cash what Milosevic failed to do with tanks. That Serbian world of his and ours, whether someone likes it or not, will cover the territories of today's Serbia, without Kosovo (which will cease to be fake), Republika Srpska and Montenegro. Serbia will produce oil, flour and sugar for the entire Serbian world, and the image of Milojko Spajić will stand on the bottle of Vital instead of a sunflower. Since mother Serbia and father Aleksandar never forget anyone, the face of Milan Knežević will be on the box of sugar, while the one-kilogram package of wheat flour will be decorated with the image of Andrija Mandić.

When asked by Vučić whether he in any way forced Montenegro to become part of the Serbian world, Prime Minister Spajić answered in the negative, stating that Montenegro is a sovereign country, which has everything it needs - except oil, flour and sugar, which from now until the end of the Serbian world and century will receive from mother Serbia.

And then who, apart from malicious observers, age-old anti-Serbs, Ustashas and other NATO villains, can conclude that Vučić is interfering in our internal affairs?! And it has nothing to do with Varhelji's odes to the European Mandić, with the editorial policy of RTCG, Pink and Prva, Borba and Informer, where Mandić appears as needed and Knežević cheers for "our national team". With Raonic and Sofranc. Or what does Vučić have to do with advertising a number of champions of various Jewish associations from the country and region, whom we have never heard of, and who are now kissing sworn anti-fascist Andrija! From the line of dukes. For decades of preserving the memory of the Second World War and the heroic behavior of Milan Nedić, Dimitrije Ljotić and Nikola Kalabić. Plus, Jasenovac, Mauthausen and Dachau, to which the aforementioned (black) trio made an immeasurable contribution.

Nevertheless, I admit, I believed, almost as much as Spajić, that Vučić would not put his nose in our yard, let alone a hand, steam or a truckload of oil, until Milan Knežević, known as sugar, appeared in some morning program, in our hearts, where he explained in detail that the president of Serbia has nothing to do with Jasenovec. Then he concluded: "You should not forget that Germany was the sponsor and Croatia was the co-sponsor of the Resolution on Srebrenica, so it is their turn to face the consequences"!

When the head of the PES club Vasilije, MP Nedović and lawyer Dragović heard this, they immediately called Andrija Mandić and cried out for Milan K. to be cut, for Jutarnji Prva with him and Vučić to be re-recorded, and then that new version, where it will be clear that Montenegro made a sovereign decision about Croatia and Germany, keep it in the archive as the original! How could their leader and our Prime Minister Spajić continue with tweets like Montenegro will not bend, without worrying about Vaseline.

And that only as such, in sunflower oil, and independent, can she participate next year or at the latest in 2027 at the All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade. Because, Spajki's brother Mandic is right - that parliament is miserable with only two states, and none of them even looks like a state. Serbia is landlocked, and the RS does not have Miloš Vučević. Even less Ana Brnabić, because Dodik recently admitted that Milo and Mugoša were his brothers until they organized the gay parade.

In the past days and weeks, I was touched by the messages and emails of some old sovereignists, how Vijesti (and I with them) "were right", how "Milo and DPS buried the state" and how "only a fool could promote Vučić as a great friend of Montenegro and Spajić as a new hope". "And he will sell us for a bottle of oil and a bag of flour"! That's exactly what a comita from Cetinje wrote to me, from which, to be honest, I got the idea for the text. So I hope that all sovereignists will continue to send me their confessions in the future, because you never know what I will find interesting and inspiring in them. Especially on the subject: "Milo, from father to stepmother nation", or "Victory, another medium that shut down Wes's little one!"

And now no joke. First of all, I believe President Vučić when he swears that he has nothing to do with the resolution against Croatia, Austria and Germany, because he is too smart and knows very well that something like that would cause irreparable damage to the interests of Serbia! He already spoke about it frankly a year ago. Precisely because he does not interfere in domestic affairs, he had to put up with Milan Knežević, who, naturally wise and far-sighted, thought everything up himself. And the fact that we now have to listen to the prime minister who claims that we are a sovereign country that makes decisions in its own interest or, even more strongly, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivanovic, who explains to his Croatian colleague that only the NDH was fascist and not today's Croatia - that is our problem.

Because Vučić did not choose the government for us. He was just helping. And the voters voted. But if there is anything wise puppets from Montenegro, Spajić, Mandić and Knežević, can learn from master Vučić, it is his insistence on the importance of legitimacy. AV did not call elections every year or two because he was eager for reality shows and campaigns, but because he was looking for legitimacy for numerous difficult decisions, both economic and political. Knowing that any other approach provokes confrontations and pushes the country into violence. Since Spajić is not interested in anything except the economy, and Jasenovac, and maybe the coat of arms, the flag and dual citizenship, and that bilaterally, it would be good if lawyer Dragović, or MP Čarapić, who are in charge of the issue, explain everything to him. In order not to push the country into the abyss, as Minister Milović said. The fact that he would fly to Singapore from the edge of the precipice, and let the citizens kill each other and plunge - is not a consolation.

Only extraordinary elections can preserve the civil character of Montenegro, as well as peace. Maintaining a majority that has no legitimacy for the politics of the Serbian world, blood and soil, leads society into divisions and conflicts. Dajković says what Spajić thinks - I don't care if the Resolution on Jasenovac will slow down Montenegro's path to the EU! Knežević in his own name, and in the name of the majority who voted, announces that Germany and Croatia got what they asked for! So he also cares about the EU. And the prime minister says that we are a sovereign country and that he and his anti-European companions can do whatever they want!

Montenegro can enter the EU in 2028 or 2030 or at any time only as a de-Nazified and civil state. If it has been visible for months that the current majority is pulling the country in the opposite direction, then it is clear that the people must ask themselves. Without lies and deception, which are the natural state of Spajić. And then let the citizens show who has legitimacy. It will be a new count, like the one from 2006. That's how far the crypto prime minister and the illegitimate duke have brought us. With the colossal contribution of the honorary president of DPS and his fifteen-year post-referendum trophy. Once again, citizens will have to confirm the superiority of the European compared to the ethnic concept of the state. Without their legitimacy, the sovereign prime minister, from oil, with the current single-digit support of the citizens, takes responsibility for dangerous and tragic consequences.

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