A dynasty that worked against itself with all its might

An essay by a famous writer, written at the end of the eighties, about history, historiography and the manipulations that often accompany attempts to understand the history of a nation
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Detail from Podgorica, Photo: Arhiva Vijesti
Detail from Podgorica, Photo: Arhiva Vijesti
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Never, anywhere, in any other time, world and country, under other skies, stars, brights and darks, in other dawns, dusks and darknesses, except in those of Podlovćen, Peter the First and Peter the Second would have been so much in the heart and heart of a national being, in the historical matrix of the people, and with his life so crucified on the cross of Montenegrin and sainthood, on which there was always room for the Devil.

These two Petrović Njegoš would not have reached the cosmogonic spiritual and Promethean heights they reached anywhere except in Montenegro: Peter the First, the state-creator through martyrdom, asceticism, Prometheus, miracle-working and epistles - epistles, with which he reconciled tragically bloodied brothers, self-willed tribes with a narrowed tribal consciousness, showing them Montenegrin national awareness and self-awareness.

Not even Petar Drugi Petrović Njegoš would have been a genius poet of the hunting accident, a clarifier of the darkness, turmoil and darkness of Montenegrin-Asiatic, a mental height of insanity. When he was saddened by misfortunes, spites and pisms, the ever-present Montenegrin women, schools and the predominance of care encouraged him, the Bishop himself often became insane.

Nowhere in the world would Njegoš have been such a loner, a hermit and a hermit, both among his own and among outsiders, as he was in Billiards and the Monastery for the rest of his life, not confiding to anyone what it is like to be a ruler among barbarians, and a barbarian among rulers, as Bono knew how to say with a sigh.

Hand on heart, he would not be forgiven anywhere for all that he was forgiven in Montenegro. Only the sale of those two Montenegrin monasteries to Austria, in the other church and the people, would mean the expulsion of the bishop both from the Church and from the people, and only from the people's throne!

Little is known that Njegoš never set foot on Serbian land, he never saw Belgrade and Serbia, and he knew its character better than Karadjord, who paid for his lack of knowledge of Serbia with a severed head, skinned, straw and cotton, sent to the sultan by Tatarin. And he called that Serbia "from the dead", so that it, in the name of survival and statehood, would kill him in that way.

A question can be asked: Why does Serbia, to this day, not produce such a great and authentic poet, a pivot and mediator of one spirituality, such as Njegoš? Why would not a book of epic genius be written in Serbia to this day? Gorski vienci? And the book of the satanic challenge of God and Satan, as it is Lucha?

The answer is possible only as a controversial assumption, based on causalities ranging from historical to sociological-ideological.

From the category of historical absurdity and metaphysical virtuality, the answer could be: Because Montenegrin spiritual geography, astronomy and astrology, at that time, bore fruit only under their skies, under their clusters of stars, and in agreement with that cosmic-terrestrial drama of nature, where Black The mountain is not even a grain of the crystal ball of the hourglass, but it is a great virtual challenge where lightning crosses and a cross is made of living fire.

That challenge and that cross are recognized only by those who had the good fortune to be born in Montenegro and that they do not know about other countries and earthly dramas, about other darkness and misfortunes. That is the domicile of Montenegrin virtuality! Petrovići Njegoši are her cursed children!

Petrovići Njegoši are great only in Montenegrin history and the Montenegrin people and nowhere else. Even today, they are mentioned in Serbian history only as an incidental Montenegrin episode.

If in the history of dynasties there is a dynasty that worked against itself with all its might, then it is Montenegrin Petrovići Njegoši. There is no similar example in history!

Dear professors, please understand this address of mine as an attempt by the Montenegrin writer to think about science, which he both doubts and believes in, in an unconventional way and completely inappropriate to the current ideological matrix and view of that science and consciousness.

Appreciating the professors: Academician Čubrilović, Professor Jorja Tadić, Ph.D., Ivan Božić, Ph.D., Mihailo Dinić, Ph.D., Radovan Samardzić, Ph.D., young lecturers Joca Marjanović, Ph.D., Branko Petranović, Ph.D., Jovan Kovačević, Ph.D., and Ilija Sindik, Ph.D., although not accepting their victorious, unitary- Yugoslavian, with some classically Serbian, of course, the Great Serbian approach to history, muted by Yugoslavia, and deeply respecting their attitude towards students, questioners and questioners, as well as Dr. Marjanović's Kozarac-first-combatant-partisan intimacy, I dared to offer you this soliloquy for reading, i.e. monologic fugue history.

I believe that this work from your hands will not go into the cabinets and into the hands of those who, with their professional work, write the secret history, or secret history, of a society that raised ideology above all science, especially history.

I hope that I will not suffer the fate of that philosophy student from Montenegro, whom academician Dušan Nedeljković removed from the group and passed to Milovan Đilasa as perishable student material.

Comrade Đido, however, stopped his casemate treatment. That former student of Nedeljković was transferred to the Faculty of Theology at the Belgrade Patriarchate, which is not part of the University of Belgrade.

Professors, I entrust you with this work of mine and note: Dis prohimus ile, quem ratio, non ira movet. Translated from Latin: The closest to the gods is the one who is moved by reason and not anger!

Peter the First was picking the great Montenegrin Karamracina

Nowhere in the world, let alone in the Serbia of that time (and the Serbs should have been told this a long time ago, not pandering to them and agreeing to their forcing the Montenegrins into Serbian identity), Peter the First would have been the godfather of both the murderer and the murdered, he would not have with a bow tooth in his right hand and a cross in his left hand, he picked through the great Montenegrin karamračina, treading on it barefoot or in boots, never in shoes, assuring the Montenegrins that, if they did not fight each other's executions, neither Montenegro nor they would see the end of the century!

Can anyone in Serbia today imagine the extraordinary personality of Serbian history, Duke Matija Nenadović, the first president of the Ruling Soviet, dressed as he is, wearing a red belt over his mantle, barefoot at night, with loose hair and beard, with a cross in one hand and a torch in the other , goes after Mačva and his Brankovina, begging and begging the Mačvani to be more brothers than executioners?

The second is the national and state mental relief, which does not mean that it is less historical and martyred than Montenegrin. But it certainly is different!

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