Exhibition in celebration of the jubilee of the ruling house of Petrović

The programs from the March repertoire of the Nikšić cultural scene will begin with the promotion of Jelena Mešedović's book "The Almighty Force of Fate".
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From yesterday's press conference in Nikšić, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
From yesterday's press conference in Nikšić, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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With the promotion of Jelena Mešedović's book "The Almighty Force of Fate", which will be held tomorrow evening in the Town Hall at 19 p.m., programs from the March repertoire of the Nikšić cultural scene will begin.

On the occasion of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of King Nikola, the golden wedding of the royal couple and the declaration of Montenegro as a kingdom, the State Archives of Montenegro prepared an exhibition that will be held in the foyer of the Nikšić Theater on March 13.

"The documentary exhibition was chosen as a scientifically popular form that allows to satisfy the ambition of the organizer and to present a documentary treasure to the scientific and general public, and on the other hand to please the eye of the observer and possibly satisfy scientific curiosity. We appreciate that our attempt is justified, since the significance of the jubilee festivities has not been highlighted and determined yet," said Violeta Krivokapić, head of the Nikšić Archives Department, at the press conference.

As she said, the jubilee of 1910 is, in the opinion of many scientists, one of the most significant events in Montenegrin history, because in addition to the declaration of Montenegro as a kingdom, it "significantly strengthened its position in international relations, gained a kind of political capital that could be from importance for its future development". "The importance of the topic contributed to the delicacy of the job of organizing the exhibition. We have tried to illustrate numerous events related to jubilee celebrations and the restoration of the Montenegrin kingdom with a selection of documents and photographs. From the funds of the State Archives, we have selected over 120 documents that successfully document all the events in Cetinje and in the interior like a mosaic that virtually evokes a real archipelago of individual and collective events, events and manifestations. Using a rich documentary basis, we tried to illustrate the whole range of political, diplomatic and cultural events that marked this famous ceremony", said Krivokapić.

Mr. Sait Šabotić presented the monograph "Diaspora of Montenegro" "which deals with the issue of our emigrants who emigrated from the territory of Montenegro from the 10th century to our days, leaving numerous descendants on all meridians", which will be promoted on March XNUMX.

It is, said Šabotić, about an interesting book which, on about 360 pages, represents a systematic reading with which a group of authors tried to observe the entire Montenegrin diaspora in continuity. Among the authors, in addition to him, were Marjan Mašo Miljić, Marko Špadijer, Elvira Bekteši, Ivan Jovović, who at the same time appears and signs as the editor of the edition, as well as a number of other authors who, as Šabotić said, "indicated with their contributions that is the problem of the Montenegrin diaspora, a topic that will occupy our curiosity even more in the coming period, and we will have the opportunity to find out a lot that we did not know until now".

"Through the text, we tried to enrich the book with illustrative material, so that the monograph contained a large number of photographs that complete what practically could not be said in the text. We tried to make the text receptive and adapted not only for the scientific and professional public, but also for the average reader", said Šabotić.

According to Kristina Radović, a tribute to the art of Marko Nikčević, promotion of the books "Nouvelle revue i Montenegro 1879-1918" by Jasmine Tatar Anđelić, "On the Paths of Life" by Natalija Žižić, as well as the works of Zvezdana Vušović Lučić will be organized during March. Film lovers will be able to watch Konstantin Statski's "Hotel Belgrade", the "Montenegro Cyrillic Printing" exhibition will be organized, as well as a concert by the Split clapperboard "Contra". The youngest audience will be able to enjoy the performances "The Magic of Forest Flowers", "The King and the Beggar" and the premiere of Akord's youth theater "Romeo and Juliet in the Nikšić way", which will close the March repertoire.

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