Painter Marko Lukovac passed away

Lukovac was a master of painting and curator of the Modern Gallery, he was engaged in painting and underground comics

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Lukovac, Photo: Museums and galleries of Podgorica
Lukovac, Photo: Museums and galleries of Podgorica
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Painter Marko Lukovac died at the age of 43, announced the Museums and Galleries of Podgorica.

Lukovac was a master of painting and curator of the Modern Gallery. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Montenegro in Cetinje (2006), Department of Painting, where he also completed postgraduate studies (2010). He was engaged in painting and underground comics.

kyrie eleison
kyrie eleisonphoto: Museums and galleries of Podgorica

"In a postmodernist spirit, he crossed the influences of German expressionism, Fauvism, art brut, Byzantine art, but also underground and subculture phenomena. With strong, raw colors, laconic drawings with emphasized contours and absurd, black-humored narratives in the pictures, he brought to the surface the suppressed interior of man, liberating him from conventional, socially desirable behavior and affirmed the idea of ​​a return to the original, primitive, spontaneous and instinctive (Adam and Eva, 2009)", state the Podgorica Museum and Gallery.

Minotaur and Ariadne
Minotaur and Ariadnephoto: Museums and galleries of Podgorica

They remind that Lukovac had several independent exhibitions, each of which was impressive in its own way. The artist himself, he confirmed in an interview for "Vijesti", occasionally returned to the paintings from the series "Christ and Allah near Buddha on Olympus", "Adam and Eve", "Caravaggio and microorganisms (die quantemechanical)", and it is precisely his installation "Christ and Allah near the Buddha on Olympus" was among the first to be staged after the first wave of the corona virus in 2020 in Montenegro.

Lukovac, in addition to notable solo works, also had a large number of presentations at collective exhibitions and art colonies in the country and abroad. He illustrated books, and for many years played drums in a local band, he revealed to "Vijesti" in an interview. On that occasion, he also spoke about his artistic practice, emphasizing that he creates in silence and solitude, away from the noise and speed of the city, with peace, tranquility and the sounds of nature...

"Before I start painting, I take the Bible, the Old or New Testament and read... I read Danilo Kiš, his "Encyclopedia of the Dead" and "Sandman" and some similar books that I almost know by heart, and which transcendentally introduce me to my the world of painting. I have been studying philokalia for two years, it is benevolence, and it concerns the texts of the monks of Mount Athos written in the fifth century. The monks who were there did not go to church, they did not have their own priest, but they had spirituality in them and they left incredible texts as a legacy to humanity. When a person reads those texts, he realizes that everything is the same today. Someone will say, two thousand and a half years have passed, but man, nevertheless, has the same sins, and the same values ​​are sought... Superficially looking at my the paintings show the wings of angels, halos, symbolically Adam and Eve, but none of the paintings can be concretely linked to a certain biblical theme, but it is all my painting world...", said Lukovac at the time.

An angel of humble reputation
An angel of humble reputationphoto: Museums and galleries of Podgorica

He participated in several collective exhibitions. He was a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro since 2006.

"He will be remembered as a great artist, a good man and a wonderful colleague. We express our deepest condolences to Marko's family," concluded the Podgorica Museum and Gallery.

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