Life is a detail

Tomo Pavićević is the laureate of the 57th Hercegnov Winter Salon, which opened on Thursday evening

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Work "Lamb" by Tom Pavićević, Photo: Municipality of Herceg Novi
Work "Lamb" by Tom Pavićević, Photo: Municipality of Herceg Novi
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The oldest art manifestation in the region, the 57th Hercegno Winter Salon, was opened on Thursday evening in the City Gallery "Josip Bepo Benković", according to the concept of "Life is a detail" selected by the selectors. Nikola Marković.

On that occasion, the traditional prizes of the Salon were also awarded, namely - the first prize Tom Pavićević for the work "Lamb", second Tijana Gordic for the work "A little above the horizon" and the third prize went to him Mark Crnobrnja for the paper "Suggestion". The salon brought together 39 artists from Montenegro and the region, and the laureates were chosen by a jury composed of: president dr Vladislav Scepanovic and members Milica Bezmarević Radulović and M.Sc Anita Simic.

Selector Marković, a doctor of art and architecture, said that he chose the concept "Life is a detail" because he wanted to make visible the more sensitive side of life, which, due to the dynamics of modern times, people often neglect through the poetics of small things.

"For this reason, the setting of this year's Salon is dedicated precisely to emphasizing the independent integrity and significance that detail as a creatively experienced whole can and should have in the language of every sincerely created art... We looked at and explored the concept of the Salon as a poetic and creative possibility that, if adequately way, to attract the response of the most recent Montenegrin artists and to show a cross-section of Montenegrin art, not just the concept of the exhibition as it was initially intended", said Marković.

The President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katic, said at the opening that the city is proud of its jubilees and the decades-long tradition of a series of cultural events. Over the course of 57 years, the Hercegno winter salon has been through a lot, but has remained true to art and creation.

"It managed to cross regional borders and to include works by artists who create on other continents in its exhibition, and all this brought a new dimension to the Salon and confirmed its long-standing quality", added Katic, who also congratulated the selector Marković on the quality selection with assessment that the Salon was successfully organized.

Katic also said that he is particularly pleased that this year's exhibition also includes the work of a prominent painter and sculptor Voj Stanić.

"The whole year celebrating his 100th birthday will be filled with different events in Herceg Novi and the country, in order to show the greatness of his work, and we all have the honor of being in front of one of his artistic paintings at this moment," he announced.

Director of the Mirko Komnenović Municipal Museum and the Josip Bepo Benković Gallery, Gordana Krunic she reminded that the Salon has good foundations and a rich tradition - never interrupted by anything.

The patron of the Salon is the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the organizer is the Mirko Komnenović City Museum and the Josip Bepo Benković Gallery, and the exhibition is open until March 11.

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