Ivan Bakrač and Lidija Kordić will participate in the program "Slano Film Days"

The Montenegrin director and actress were invited to participate in a unique event with 15 other film artists from the region.

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Photo: Promo
Photo: Promo
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Montenegrin film director Ivan Bakrač and an actress Lidija Kordić will participate in the "Slano Film Days" program, which is being organized for the first time in June in one of the most picturesque places on the Dubrovnik Riviera, Slano.

"It is a unique format of events dedicated to film that connects rising regional filmmakers and prominent names from the world of film and the film industry. The Slano Film Days program consists of film discussions, film screenings and numerous informal get-togethers. Freed from competitive pressure, young directors, actors and cinematographers have the opportunity to openly discuss the creative process of creating films with world film artists, winners of the most prestigious film awards. S Mirsad Purivatra, the founder and author of the Slano Film Days concept, they are bound by long-term professional cooperation, but also friendship", the announcement states.

A total of 17 young film artists from the field of acting, directing or camera received an invitation to participate.

"Slano Film Days focuses on the creative process, film as art, leaving aside its commodity value. World-renowned filmmakers have the opportunity to share their experience, but also to be inspired by young talents who in turn have the opportunity to meet some of the most important names from the world of the film industry, in a friendly and informal environment. In this way, we contribute to the personal and professional development of film artists in the region," said Purivatra.

In addition to Bakrač and Kordić, the following actresses from Serbia also participate in Slano Film Days Milica Janevski i Anita Ognjanović, actress from Kosovo Era Balaj, Anusha Kodelja from Slovenia, actors Goran Markovic from Croatia, Saško Kočev from North Macedonia, Boris leer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, director Hana Jušić from Croatia, Blerta Basholli from Kosovo, director from North Macedonia Dina Duma, director from Slovenia Urša Menart, director from Serbia Vladimir Tagic, as well as videographers Dubravka Kurobasa from Croatia, Maja Radosevic i Milica Drakulic from Serbia.

In addition to lectures and discussions, evening screenings of award-winning films by guest authors from around the world were also prepared.

"The first film screening, on the opening night, will be held on the central square in Slano, while the rest of the screenings await us in the summer cinema Slano Film Days, in the garden of Villa Riva, where informal gatherings of all the participants and guests of Slano Film Days will be organized," he writes. in the announcement.

Slano Film Days is organized in partnership with the most prestigious film festival in the region, the Sarajevo Film Festival. The participation of film artists and students from the region at Slano Film Days was supported by regional film centers and funds through a partnership with Slano Film Days: Croatian Audiovisual Center, Film Center of Serbia, Film Center of Montenegro, Slovenian Film Center and North Macedonian Film Agency.

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