Love for creation permeates every work

The exhibition "Creation and dreams" of the participants of the Dalijas studio opened in the bar gallery "Velimir A. Leković"

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From the opening of the exhibition "Creation and Dreams", Photo: Marija Pešić
From the opening of the exhibition "Creation and Dreams", Photo: Marija Pešić
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In the crowded bar gallery "Velimir A. Leković" the participants of the art studio "Dalijas" exhibited their works under the mentorship of painters Jasmine i Dalibor Dad Ćetković. The exhibition entitled "Creation and dreams" presented the works of the youngest artists with diverse motifs - from portraits to abstraction.

The exhibition was opened by dr Milun Lutovac, manager of the Bar gallery, saying that Montenegro is a land of painters, that this exhibition is special because it shows the works of young Bar talents. He said that in this way a young and future artistic audience is created.

"What the Dalijas studio is doing is commendable. I consider everything that is on display here tonight as a school of growing up through work, creation and hope, just as the exhibition itself bears its name. I am very satisfied that our cooperation continues and I hope that we will have a reason to gather again and to use the enthusiasm of the Ćetković family to create a small institution that will go down in the history of the city of Bar", Lutovac emphasized.

Atelier "Dalijas" has 48 participants, from six to 19 years old, and during the exhibition it was evident that the audience, parents, but also the little artists themselves were delighted to see their works in the gallery space. Cars, Bar, Old Bar, favorite games, artists, actors, singers, animals and landscapes painted by hand and through the eyes of a child with about 50 works decorated the walls of the bar gallery.

Dalibor Dado Ćetković said that a magical world opened before them that night, a world in which lines and colors dance, and shapes tell stories. With their works, exhibited on these panels, the young creators of the Dalijas studio once again show not only their talents, but also the joy of creation, hard work and passion for art.

"Through different drawing and painting techniques, styles and handwriting, the students were thoroughly engaged in solving art problems and permanent expression. Namely, their knowledge and skills, acquired through dedicated work with their mentors, are clearly reflected on every canvas and sheet of paper. But what fascinates us the most is not only technical perfection, but also a sincere love for creation, which permeates through each of their works", said Ćetković.

He said that the curious eyes of young artists are always looking for new motives, with pleasure they sail into the world of imagination, creating their own worlds, or they faithfully convey reality in their works, either by assignment or by desire.

Works by students of the Dalijas studio
Works by students of the Dalijas studiophoto: Marija Pešić

"At this exhibition, we recognize the aspiration towards realism, while the path from impressionist pictorial landscapes to expressionist drawings, all the way to abstract forms is noticeable. Making every portrait, landscape, still life, animal and other motifs requires enormous patience and a lot of work. That is why this exhibition is proof of the perseverance and persistence of our students, who know that only with great effort can they achieve a remarkable result", he assessed.

According to Ćetković, their participants show that creativity is something that can be nurtured and developed, and with it comes the will to learn and the desire to achieve new goals. In the studio, they learned to listen to their mentors, to investigate curiously and to believe in their abilities. This exhibition is only a small part of their artistic journey, and they are sincerely happy to have the opportunity to share their creativity with the public.

He told the young artists that this exhibition and the success they have achieved so far should be a source of inspiration and motivation, and that the world of art should always be full of playful lines and cheerful tones, both on the palette and in life.

"Continue to be so hard-working and dedicated, because this is where the inspiration and motivation for life is hidden, which we will all share together and try to make the world more beautiful through art," he wished them.

He thanked the Bar Cultural Center and the Velimir A. Leković Art Gallery, headed by the director Dr. Milun Lutovec, for the trust shown and the inclusion of this unusual exhibition in the plan and program of the gallery, as well as the patrons of our organization, the Municipality of Bar and the Tourism Organization of Bar, which and this year, as well as the previous one, for the most visited exhibition called "Talents of the City of Bar", gave support to continue organizing such and similar events in Bar.

He especially thanked the parents who recognized the talent in their children and brought them to their studio for further training, as well as their young colleagues, who, he hopes, will know how to appreciate everything that was offered to them and recognize true values, so one day pick up where they left off.

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