Dance spectacle in the Old Town of Budva

The play "Flights" premiered as part of the Adriatic Festival of Games

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Detail from the dance performance "Flights", Photo: Adriatic festival of games
Detail from the dance performance "Flights", Photo: Adriatic festival of games
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The contemporary ballet "Flights" made in the festival co-production of the MN Dance Company from Nova Gorica and the Tourism Organization of the Municipality of Budva was premiered the night before last on the stage between the churches in the Old Town in Budva, as part of the Adriatic Dance Festival, and the dance ensemble was accompanied with thunderous applause and cheers.

Michal Rynia i Nastja Bremec Rynia, choreographers of the play "Flight", based on the motifs of the book of the same name Olga Tokarchuk, Polish Nobel laureates, talked about how challenging it was to prepare this performance, especially considering that most of the time they dance with neon lights in their hands. While researching a book that talks about migration and borders and how to overcome them, they treated the topic in an abstract way and pointed out that the basic idea and message of the piece "Flights" is openness to everything new and overcoming one's own thoughts in order to move one's own borders and reach new ones. height. When they talked about the performance in Budva and the Adriatic Dance Festival, they emphasized, first of all, the unreal atmosphere of the old town and the international audience, whose reactions to their performance were fantastic. They added how important it is that the Festival is growing, since they were in Budva last year as well, and that foreign dance ensembles perform as part of the program, so the Budva audience can enjoy different performances from different parts of the world.

Detail from the play 'Flights'
Detail from the play "Flights"photo: Adriatic Games Festival

All those who missed attending this kind of dance spectacle the night before last, had the opportunity to see the replay of the play "Flights" last night at the same location.

The dance ensemble of the MN Dance company from Nova Gorica will perform another dance performance in Budva - "Distance", on Thursday, June 20 at 21 p.m. on the stage between the churches, which, like the performance "Flights", is part of the official program of the European Capital of Culture - Nova Gorica in 2025.

The performance deals with distance as a feature of the modern world, social and physical distance, distancing individuals on a social, mental, physical and spiritual level, and this dynamic dance ensemble reminds the audience with the most beautiful movements of the essence of human existence, closeness - to the body, the neighbor, the world and the planet on which we live in.

Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia are in charge of the choreography this time, and the ensemble consists of: Eri Nishibara, Luka Vodopivec, Pietro Di Salvo, Alessio Saccheri, Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Lara Zelinšček, Paula garcia, Erica Modotti, Rebecca Granzotto, Luke Marchi, Iva Ilievska i Tjaša Bucik.

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