Here are 10 diseases that sugar cures

If you have chronic bronchitis, prepare cranberry syrup: mix a glass of cranberry juice and 300 g of sugar in an enamel bowl (let it boil). Drink a spoon at least four times a day
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sugar, Photo: Shutterstock
sugar, Photo: Shutterstock
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If you are suffering from a cough, mix pine resin and sugar in equal parts. Make powder-sized balls from the obtained mass, which you will then dry a little. Take one ball three times a day, after meals. You will also relieve the cough if you heat two spoons of sugar in a pan. When it melts, turn off the heat and carefully pour half a cup of boiled water into it. Immediately remove the pan from the heat. Children can drink a teaspoon of the resulting syrup during a cough attack and before going to bed. The daily dose is four to five teaspoons.


You can also prepare an effective syrup for relieving coughs and expelling phlegm in the following way: cut eight medium-sized onions in half, then cover them with a liter of water and two spoons of sugar. Cook the mixture over low heat for two to two and a half hours, then cool and strain. Keep it in the refrigerator. Drink two spoonfuls before meals.

Pain in the ear

In case of ear pain (otitis), mix a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar and vegetable oil. Heat the solution a little, then drip it into the painful ear with a pipette. Close the ear with a cotton ball for 12 hours. Do it only once.

Low pressure

If you suffer from hypotension (low blood pressure), prepare a special mixture in the evening: fill a cup halfway with sugar, then pour boiled water and mix carefully. Pour it in the morning, two hours before eating.


If you have chronic bronchitis, prepare cranberry syrup: mix a glass of cranberry juice and 300 g of sugar in an enamel bowl (let it boil). Drink a spoon at least four times a day.


In case of poisoning (food, alcohol) - mix two teaspoons of sugar with half a teaspoon of baking soda and citric acid. Pour over half a liter of boiled water cooled to room temperature, then mix carefully. Drink quickly, while the mixture is still bubbling (in case of gastritis - drink a spoonful of vegetable oil before that).


Sugar can even benefit diabetics. The fact is that hypoglycemia (sudden drop in blood glucose) can sometimes occur in the case of this disease, when the patient needs to eat something sweet right away. In the case of severe hypoglycemia with loss of consciousness, place the patient on his side, and then put a cube of up to two sugars in his mouth, which will gradually reach the bloodstream, of course, this will not completely remove the glycemia, but it will stop the further drop in blood glucose.

Sore legs

If your legs hurt: dissolve a kilogram of sugar in three liters of boiled water. Cool the syrup to an acceptable temperature (as much as it can be tolerated), then soak your feet in it for half an hour. Gradually add the remaining syrup heated on the stove. This jelly-like syrup can be used during the week.


For the quick treatment of minor wounds, you can use powdered sugar: pour a spoonful of sugar on a clean sheet of stronger paper. Crush the sugar into a powder with a spoon (just not an aluminum one). Wash the fresh wound with clean water, then pour the resulting powder over it, which you will secure with a bandage. Change the bandage often, and if it sticks to the wound, soak it in warm boiled water.

Insect sting

If you have been bitten by a bee or a wasp, immediately put a sugar cube dipped in water on that spot, reports

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