Educational quiz "Good energy"

"Good energy" is a knowledge quiz published by Elektroprivreda Crne Gore in the form of a mobile game. In this interesting quiz/game, players can test their knowledge in the field of energy literacy as well as various aspects of EPCG work, such as general energy education, services, energy efficiency, production facilities and the like. Also, players have a chance to win surprise gifts for demonstrated knowledge. Participation in this educational quiz is completely free.

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Photo: EPCG
Photo: EPCG
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The questions that test knowledge are actually mini-games that carry a different number of points, from 1-5, and in each game it is possible to win a maximum of 48 points. Mini-games can be of the four answer type, yes/no, balloons and missing letters. After answering all 15 questions in one game, the number of stars (lightning) is determined, and by winning three stars-lightning, players qualify for a giveaway.

A total prize pool of EUR 3.000 is provided for this game. The drawing is organized once a week in the period from April to July 2024, within which winners will be awarded 60 weekly (EPCG promotional package worth 20 euros) and 3 monthly prizes (EPCG promotional package worth 100 euros), as well as one grand prize (travel voucher worth 1.000 euros).

The giveaway will be organized by the Alicorn agency, in cooperation with which this educational quiz was designed and implemented. The participants of the giveaway will be assigned identification numbers from which, using the service, winners will be chosen by random selection.

The educational quiz is intended for ages over 13. The game can be downloaded from the following links:

iOS version


For any questions or additional information regarding the game, you can contact the call center by calling 19100 for free, and you can view the rules at, that is, EPCG profiles on social media