GTA 6 trailer looks BRUTAL!

We will wait until 2025…

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Photo: Rockstar Games
Photo: Rockstar Games

Rockstar confirmed in mid-November that a big announcement awaits us on December 5 for GTA 6. However, since the trailer was leaked, Rockstar decided to make an early announcement official trailer.

First and foremost, in the trailer we learned something that fans are most interested in - when the game is coming out. Unfortunately, GTA 6 isn't coming out until 2025, but we don't know exactly when - maybe in January, maybe in December, which means we'll potentially have to wait another two years. What is it after 10 years?

The game looks beautiful, but it also looks like we're going to need a very powerful machine to run it. The architecture of the city, the beaches and the general visual style is inspired by Miami, which is further revealed by the alligators that casually stroll through the streets of the city. Short cutscenes in the trailer hint that the game takes place in the beloved Vice City, which is finally returning after 15 years, following Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The trailer introduces us to Jason and Lucia, the leading duo that exudes the classic "Bonnie and Clyde" dynamic. Lucia will also be the first female protagonist in the history of the GTA series.

How do you like the trailer? Will GTA 6 be worth the wait?

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