These are the most valuable esports events in 2024

These tournaments can bring you real wealth.

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Photo: Esports World Cup Foundation
Photo: Esports World Cup Foundation
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The value of the prize fund is one of the key indicators of the prestige of any esports event. These tournaments give us the opportunity to cheer for our favorite teams, but the cash prizes they offer attract the attention of people who are not so familiar with esports, as well as world-famous brands that have become sponsors of many organizations over time. To that end, we've compiled an overview of the biggest esports events in 2024 that stand out for their impressive prize pools.

Million dollar tournaments were quite rare a decade ago - usually only the biggest end-of-season events reached these sums. Today, every major tournament has a prize pool of $1 million or more. For example, for Counter-Strike 2 five million dollar tournaments are planned this year. So far, four such events have been announced for Dota 2, not counting The International 2024 and Riyadh Masters 2024.

There are also plans for even bigger tournaments with a prize pool of over three million dollars, such as PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2024, PUBG Mid Season Tournament 2024, Six Invitational 2024 and MLBB Mid Season Cup 2024. The sum of three million seems to have become standard in the esports industry when it comes to prize pools.

Below you can see the top 5 list of the most valuable esports events in 2024.

Intel Grand Slam – $4.250.000 (+ $1.000.000 for winners)

ESL, Intel Grand Slam
photo: ESL

The Intel Grand Slam is not a single event, but a series of Counter-Strike 2 tournaments, so the $4,25 million prize pool will be spread throughout the season. The fifth season started in 2023 and will end in October 2024. Six more tournaments will be played by the end of the year, and the biggest are IEM Katowice 2024 and IEM Cologne 2024.

In addition to the standard cash prizes, the Intel Grand Slam also offers a nice bonus. A team that wins four out of ten IGS tournaments in one season will win $1 million in gold bars. So far, only four teams have achieved this feat - Astralis, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan.

The International 2024 - ?

Dota 2, The International, TI12
photo: Valve

Even though it is still known as a "less popular moba", Dota 2 as an esports discipline has always stood out thanks to The International championship, a prestigious international tournament whose prize pool grew year by year. The absolute record was set by The International 2021, where teams fought for $40 million. However, TI experienced a major decline in this aspect the following year.

Namely, The International 2023 had a prize pool of "only" 3,3 million. This would be a significant amount for any other esports discipline, but not for Dota 2. Despite the drastic drop in prize money, Dota 2 fans still expect the situation to "stabilize" at The International 2024. TI13 may not offer some astronomical sum , but we can still expect 3-5 million dollars.

Fortnite Champion Series 2024 – $7.675.000

FNCS, Fortnite, FNCS 2024
photo: Epic Games

Similar to the Intel Grand Slam, i Fortnite The Champion Series 2024 is a tournament series that will offer players a total prize pool of $7,6 million. This amount will be divided into individual tournaments, as well as the final event of the FNCS 2024 Global Championship, which will carry a prize pool of two million. In this regard, the Fortnite Champion Series surpassed Intel Extreme Masters, BLAST Premier, ESL Pro Tour and DreamLeague.

The FNCS 2024 Global Championship will take place on September 7-8, but the exact location of the event is currently unknown.

Honor of Kings Invitational Championship 2024 – $10.000.000

Honor of Kings, Honor of Kings Invitational Championship 2024
photo: Tencent Games

In 2019, the largest Honor of Kings tournament had a prize pool of $4,5 million. Just four years later, this amount jumped to 10 million.

This will be an important year for Honor of Kings due to its global release. Almost a decade, eh mobile title has dominated the domestic esports scene in China, but the game will finally become available worldwide in 2024, on June 20 to be exact.

This global release opens up new opportunities for the international esports scene. The first international event should be held in Istanbul at the beginning of March. As for the Honor of Kings Invitational Championship 2024, all that is known so far is that the event will take place in October.

Esports World Cup – $45.000.000

Esports World Cup
photo: Esports World Cup Foundation

Riyadh last year hosted the big esports festival Gamers8, during which tournaments were organized in various gaming disciplines. The entire event carried a record prize fund of 45 million dollars, but this year's organizers have even more ambitious plans.

At the end of 2023, it was announced that Gamers8 would be renamed the Esports World Cup and that an even bigger spectacle awaits us. Details about this event are still scarce, but organizers have promised the largest prize pool in esports history. So far we know that the Esports World Cup will feature StarCraft II, Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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