Nikola Jokić revealed his favorite League of Legends champions

Maybe you were once in a game with Jokić and didn't even know it!

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
Disclaimer: The translations are mostly done through AI translator and might not be 100% accurate.

During NBA All-Star weekend, one fan duel the journalist asked Nikola with whom League of Legends (popular video game) Champions is currently playing.

Reporters often know how to "spice up" interviews with some unexpected questions, but in this case it is clear that Jokić was pleasantly surprised.

Here is what the famous Denver Nuggets basketball player had to say on this topic:

"Great question! Most often you can see me at the heating station. Right now I play mostly Urgot and Illaoi”.

About a year ago, we learned that Jokic is a fan of LoL, but until today we did not know his favorite champions.

”I love playing League of Legends with my childhood friend. We've been friends since elementary school, we grew up together."

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