The continuation of the cult Leptirica is being filmed

The new version of the film will be in a contemporary setting and will not have any similarities with the original

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Detail from the film, Photo: Printscreen
Detail from the film, Photo: Printscreen
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Director Djordje Kadijević revealed that filming of the new version of the cult Serbian horror "Butterfly" will soon begin.

"Due to the enormous popularity of 'Butterfly', I agreed to make a new version of that film, which would be in a contemporary, and not in a folklore setting like the previous one. It won't have a village atmosphere, there won't be a water mill, no resemblance to the original 'Butterfly', legendary director Đorđe Kadijević revealed to Sputnik.

At the suggestion of "Filmskih Novosti", the oldest production company in Serbia, he decided, he says, to answer their call after a long period of abstinence and shoot a new version of the cult film from the seventies, which is a classic of the horror genre.

”The first 'Butterfly' is a strange synthesis of comedy and tragedy, funny in one way and horrible in another. My friend Dobrica Cosic he once told me that he could not get rid of the impression of 'Butterfly', not because of the terrible scenes, the metamorphosis of the main character from an angel to Satan himself, but because of the last frame of the film in which the main character lies next to an empty vampire grave, without knowing is he sleeping or is he dead or maybe he himself has turned into a vampire. That openness to the possibility of the continuity of evil is something that makes 'Butterfly' a truly terrible film," said Kadijević.

The celebrated director, whose experience as an art historian and art critic helped to create a unique cinematic expression, explains that in the new version of the film, this very philosophy of openness on both sides is very important.

Leptirica is a Yugoslav horror film from 1973, based on a short story Milovan Glišić. They play the main roles Petar Bozovic, Mirjana Nikolić, Slobodan Perovic, Vasja Stanković i Tanasije Uzunović.

The action takes place in a village where the young man Strahinja, by force of circumstances, marries the girl Radojka, who turns out to be a vampire. Lepitirica gained cult status because it was the first Serbian horror film, i.e. one of the rare examples of fantasy films in the field of Yugoslav cinematography.

The film was shot in the village of Zelinje near Zvornik, where the famous water mill is still located.

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