Baby Lasagna opens the 24th edition of Exit

Marko Purišić also announced his first solo concert, which will take place in Zagreb on September 12

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Baby Lasagna, Photo: REUTERS
Baby Lasagna, Photo: REUTERS
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The organization of the Exit festival announced that the Croatian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest will perform at this year's edition of the Novi Sad event. Baby Lasagna.

"Dynamic and talented Baby Lasagna, with his unique and impressive rock sound, managed to become an absolute favorite of the European and world audience. "After he won by far the most votes from Eurovision fans and left the big stage as the winner of the people, he will arrive at the Petrovaradin Fortress on June 10 to open the 24th edition of the Exit Festival with his rhythmic guitar sound and recognizable dance moves," the announcement reads.

"After Konstraka's virtuoso performance at Fortress 2022, Baby Lasagna is the first performer from the region to headline Exit," the organization adds.

"We are very proud that someone from our region won among the Eurovision audience, especially with a rock song, it's great to see that urban sound is getting more and more places at Eurovision," said the founder and director of the Exit festival Dusan Kovačević.

"Baby Lasagna, i.e. Marko Purišić, first appeared on air as a solo performer less than a year ago. However, with his participation in the Croatian selection for Eurovision representative - Dora, he almost immediately established himself firmly in the musical milieu not only of the region, but also of the world. From the moment he won first place at Dora, until the final of Eurovision, he remained the ultimate choice of the viewers, which he proved in the final. "Baby Lasagna won by far the most votes from fans of this televised spectacle, from over 100 countries around the world, and although he came in second place, he left Malmö as the uncompromising winner of the audience," the organizers reminded.

At this year's Exit under the slogan "Let's wake up our superpowers together", which takes place from July 11 to 14 (with a zero day on the 10th), are also coming Tom Morello, Black Eyed Peas, Gucci Mane, Carl Cox, John Newman and many others.

Yesterday, Baby Lasagna announced his first solo concert, which will take place at Šalata in Zagreb on September 12.

"I can't wait to see you and dance! Meow," the musician wrote on social networks.

Marko Purišić previously announced a tour for next year, and until the end of 2024, the audience will be able to hear him in Croatia, where he will have a large number of performances.

"We want to do concerts on the domestic market, and then at the beginning of next year, a European tour is planned. There will be some Europe this year as well, but next year we're hitting Europe, and for now we'll hang out with the locals," he wrote and announced new songs.

"After everything that happened, I started thinking about writing a little in Croatian as well. I think the listeners will be surprised, it's quite chaotic," hinted Baby Lasagna, who arrives in his native Umag today, where his fellow citizens are preparing a welcome.

“I'm looking forward to seeing people. It's always emotional, especially the fellow citizens who supported us all this time. I can't wait to see the cats. "It's been 22 days now that we haven't seen a cat at all," added the musician.

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