Bono: Coldplay is not a rock band

"Something much more interesting is happening there..."

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Photo: Shutterstock
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The frontman of the famous Irish group U2, Bono, insists that the band Coldplay "is not a rock band", but in the BBC's eight-part series "Sounds" he nevertheless defended his colleagues from condemnation, arguing that the audience does not have to strictly adhere to musical genres.

In "Music Uncovered: The Genius Of Coldplay," an episode filmed for the BBC by Greg James, the rise of this British band is shown, with the help of fans, fellow musicians and other influential people who have been on their journey.

Speaking specifically about the song "Clocks" from the second studio album entitled "A Rush Of Blood to the Head", Bono said:

"You just get stuck".

As he says, when he heard that track for the first time, he thought it was "simply better than all the songs others have out right now".

"However, I would have to emphasize that Coldplay is not a rock band. I hope that is obvious. There's something much more interesting going on there... But they shouldn't be judged by the rules of rock," added Bono.

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