Reggae festival "Roots Revival": Dezarie arrives in Herceg Novi

Despite the lack of support, the festival organizers announce a third edition on August 4 and 5

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Photo: Promo
Photo: Promo
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The reggae festival "Roots Revival" will be held on the fourth and fifth of August in Herceg Novi, traditionally at the Forte Mare fortress, and the organizers announce a world-famous name in the world of reggae music as the star of this year's third edition of the festival. dezarie from the Virgin Islands.

The organizers announce that the tickets will go on sale at the end of the week, and the headliner of the festival, Dezarie, will be performing in the Balkans for the first time.

"Dezarie is known for her extremely well-attended concerts, with tens of thousands of people in Brazil and America. "She is one of the most powerful reggae vocalists in history, as evidenced by the award she won in 2001 for the best female reggae vocalist in Atlanta, USA," the announcement states.

In addition to her, the program on August 5 will be marked by Earl Gateshead from England and Exile Di Brave from Jamaica...

"Roots Revival" was declared one of the most organic festivals in Europe with over 70 percent attendance by foreigners, according to the organizers and adding that in Montenegro "they are still under the radar, unrecognized and unsupported by institutions and the media". But, they add, they fight and continue to build the brand and the reggae community...

"At the beginning of August, when the world celebrates Jamaica's Independence Day, Herceg Novi and Montenegro have their own representative. In terms of program and offer, and in terms of the popularity of the names that come to represent the colors of reggae music in the popular city of stairs, 'Roots Revival' leads the program compared to festivals of this type in the region. But this has not yet been recognized by the state, and not even by the citizens of Montenegro. However, the festival is recognized in the region and the world, because more than 70 percent of the festival's visitors are foreigners, mostly from the European Union region," the organizers added in the announcement.

They remind that "Roots Revival" was nominated for the best boutique festival in the region, in competition with over a thousand projects, and was organized by the EU Ambassador from Zagreb. After that, they aroused interest in neighboring Dubrovnik for a similar festival.

Festival director Mirsad Brkić says that one of the reasons for founding the festival in 2022 is that the assembled team noticed that society "needs medicine in the form of reggae music that exudes love, peace and social justice".

"This was especially pronounced after the covid crisis and the famous social distance. Social distance strengthened social darkness, and social intolerance, the absence of the ability to express oneself emotionally, led to the effect of lost youth. The ship of basic moral principles is leaking water on all sides and sinking more and more. 'Roots Revival' is our way to counter that, and try to bring back some lost values. Harmony reigns at the festival, without a single problem for two years, and an organic connection between all present", says Brkić.

He hopes, he points out, that the festival will become recognized in Montenegro as well.

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