Campbell: Drug addiction almost killed me

Top Model Naomi Campbell openly talked about vices

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Naomi Campbell, Photo: Shutterstock
Naomi Campbell, Photo: Shutterstock

Naomi Campbell revealed in the new documentary “The Super Models” that drug addiction almost killed her at the height of her career in the '90s.

The legendary model and top model was candid about her past drug abuse in the aforementioned documentary, admitting that she turned to cocaine to cope with childhood trauma and the death of an Italian designer and close friend. Gianni Versace.

“I guess when I started using opiates, one of the things I was trying to cover up was sadness. Addiction is such a ... dangerous thing, it really is,” Campbell said.

"You think, 'That will heal that wound.' It's not. It can cause so much fear and anxiety. So I got really angry," she said.

Naomi said that her world changed when Versace was killed in front of his house in 1997.

“He would push me to go out and keep going when I didn't think I had it in me. So when he died, my grief became very great,” she revealed.

The British-born model battled her addiction for five years, even collapsing during a photo shoot in 1999.

“When you're trying to cover up something, your feelings - you talked about leaving. I tried to cover it up with something," she admitted in the documentary, adding:

“You can't cover it up. I was killing myself. It was very painful.”

That terrifying incident was the wake-up call she needed to check into rehab.

In the documentary, Campbell also talked about her childhood fears and her anger at not knowing her parents.

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