Beauty is in the materials, not the details

Ibrahim Vukelj's creation was again the choice of actress and singer Meredith Okonor for London Fashion Week

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Photo: Private archive
Photo: Private archive

It is increasingly happening that the creations of domestic designers are worn by world stars on the red carpet, in music videos, at various events. Montenegrin designer with an address in New York, Ibrahim Vukelj is one of those whose creations are chosen by celebrities. Even last year, he collaborated with an actress and a singer Meredith O'Connor who wore his dress to the Grammy Awards.

Okonor "didn't let him down" this time either, and she decided to take another creation to Fashion Week, which was recently held in London.

Ibrahim Vukelj's signature creations are intended, as he claims, for women who want to feel comfortable, free and always choose soft materials. Also, the quality is very important to him, not only of the material, but also of the manufacturing method.

A Werewolf creation worn by Meredith Okonor
A Werewolf creation worn by Meredith Okonorphoto: Private archive

And while she wore a black short dress with a train for her appearance at the Grammy Awards, this time Okonor chose a slightly different model.

“This time we made something like a Victorian style. For the creation that Meredith wore in London, I used silk, chiffon and stretch material. By the way, I tried to make sure that the creation she wore also accompanied the event she attended, because the fashion show was held in a wonderful Gothic church. This is also the reason why this time the creation was in black color, because it was the only way it could come to the fore", says Vukelj in an interview with "Vijesti", and reveals how much easier it is to create for Okonor due to previous collaborations:

"When you work for events like this, you have to have all the information, so that whoever wears your creation doesn't miss the theme. To begin with, it is important to know when and at what time the event is held, as well as its location. When you have that information, you can easily add your creativity to that story. For example, if the event that the wearer of the creations is going to is held somewhere in nature, it is best to choose bright colors. Although mogi claim that black, red and white fit everywhere and are for every occasion, they are somewhat right, I don't deny that, however, if you want to stand out from other artists, you have to take a little risk. In this case with an event in nature, I would choose a mild green color, if it is not too strong. Personality is created by the creator's vision. The person wearing your creation does not have to struggle to create a glamorous effect. If he feels good in her, the effect of glamor is created naturally and easily. There are many cases where the vision and the persona did not agree at all, and the result was a real horror", Vukelj believes.

Ibrahim Vukelj
Ibrahim Vukeljphoto: Private archive

He does not hide that he is glad that Okonor chose to appear at this event in his creation.

"It was an honor that she chose to wear another creation with my signature just for London Fashion Week and that she showed that she is confident in the work of our atelier, starting with the vision, through quality, understanding and trust. I think that it is always a plus for every creator when he has the opportunity to have someone wear his creations at international events like this. By the way, what they wear is very important to all stars and they often know how to talk and exchange information about designers with each other. When someone is satisfied with your work and recommends you to colleagues, that kind of advertising is invaluable to us designers. "Like in any other business, word of mouth advertising is the best for us, because when someone at important events chooses your creation several times, it is the best recommendation," Vukelj points out.

Creations from red carpets are always commented on, retold, copied, and the interlocutor of "Vijesti" reveals what a model must have in order to be red carpet:

"Red carpet creations are very important. The preparations for them take a long time, so the designer must be very careful when it comes to the choice of materials. Also, the cut must be perfect, because as you said, it is talked about, retold, and it would be unprofessional if the public found your mistakes. With that, you build a fundamental story behind you and you can hope that your work will be someone's choice for the red carpet again," he says, and adds that next to the cut, the most important thing for him is the material from which the creation is made.

Meredith in Vukelj creation at London Fashion Week
Meredith in Vukelj creation at London Fashion Weekphoto: Private archive

"It is important to me that the material from which I make models does not wrinkle. Also, if I don't like something at first glance, I don't think much about it, but I try to change what I don't like about a model. If it can't be fixed, I'll move on. In the end something always turns out better. This is the way Italian designers have been creating for decades. Namely, each of their creations is made of top quality materials and that is the most important thing to them. All the beauty is in that, not in the details", adds Vukelj.

Often, attention is drawn to unusual creations on the red carpet. As there is a fine line between glamor and kitsch, Vukelj explains how difficult it is not to cross it, and what a designer should take special care of:

"The one who needs to appear on the red carpet must know in what way he will draw attention and what the creation he wears is saying. The creator's job is to fulfill the wish of the one who will wear his creation, so the final decision belongs exclusively to the one who needs to present that creation. It is ours to create a vision for them. Granted, there is a lot of kitsch on the red carpet, but as I said before, that's the star's decision, not the designer's. Whenever someone appears in such a publication and draws attention in such a way, aware that it will be talked about and discussed, he surely has some goal of his own. I believe that no one would wear something like that, say at a wedding or some other festive occasion. Glamor has its own shine and language, and that is simplicity," concludes Vukelj.

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