Vujacic: It is important to keep your sensibility and authenticity

Strong, brave and self-confident women inspired Cnogorsk designer Milena Vujacic for the new collection that she will present as part of Fashion Week

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Milena Vujacic, Photo: Miloš Vračar
Milena Vujacic, Photo: Miloš Vračar

Montenegrin designer Milena Vujacic will present her new collection "Milena" at the traditional event of the Fashion Chamber of Montenegro "Somersby Fashion Week Montenegro". As she pointed out in an interview with Vijesti, every collection with her signature bears the name "Milena" because that way she wants to pay tribute to her roots and the women who inspired her.

"The name Milena is a symbol of a strong, brave and self-confident woman who faces life's challenges. Each collection I create has its own unique story and aesthetics, but the common element that connects them is precisely the strength and elegance that Milena represents," explained the creator.

In addition to strong and authentic women, Vujacic said that she is also inspired by art, nature, travel and certain cultural elements. Therefore, he wants to show the diversity of women through a wide range of styles in his collections and to highlight their individuality.

"In my new collection you can expect a variety of clothes, materials, patterns and colors. It will contain a wide range of clothing items, including dresses, skirts, pants, blouses and suits," the creator told Vijesta.

However, the collection that the Fashion Week audience will have the opportunity to see this year will differ from previous ones with new textures and materials, details from art and architecture, as well as a special focus on sustainability.

“I use high-quality fabrics, but I also explore new textures and materials to bring innovation and uniqueness to the design. This collection will contain a combination of different textiles, such as silk, artificial leather, boucle, organdy. Also, innovative weaving and handwork techniques were used on some models in order to achieve unique details on the garments," said the creator.

Regarding the influence of art and architecture on her creations, Vujačić mentioned that the collection is imbued with geometric shapes and experimental silhouettes, which she achieved with the help of fabric. She pointed out that she wants to transfer the "beauty and strength" of these disciplines to fashion pieces".

When we talk about the fashion industry in modern times, Vujačić emphasized that in the new collection she paid special attention to sustainability and ethics.

“I use organic materials, recycled fabrics and support local producers. Also, I focus on the durability and multi-purpose use of the pieces in order to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment," explained the creator.

In addition to sustainability, other modern elements are also coming to us, but Vujacic pointed out that she follows them, but not "blindly follows."

"I believe it's important to keep your sensibility and authenticity when it comes to creating new pieces of clothing. Fashion should be an expression of personality, and authenticity and individuality in fashion help me create pieces that will reflect the uniqueness and self-confidence of both women and men," said the creator.

As for expansion outside Montenegro, Vujacic expressed her desire to reach audiences outside her homeland.

"Fashion is a universal language and I want my creations to reach and inspire women all over the world. For this reason, I try to present my collections at international shows, in order to attract the attention and interest of potential buyers from different countries".

Of course, today there are social networks and various platforms that the creator actively uses because they contribute to easier integration and communication with clients from other countries.

"So, although my main target group is women from Montenegro and the region, I certainly want my work to be recognized and appreciated around the world. I would like to inspire and delight women from different countries with my designs, regardless of their nationality or location," said Vujacic.

In addition to paying special attention to women, the creator pointed out that she also makes men's shirts and tailored suits, using the highest quality materials such as wool, cashmere, cotton and silk.

She added that every man deserves to wear clothes that fit him perfectly and emphasize his style and confidence, because, as she added, "custom tailoring and creating unique and elegant pieces that will satisfy taste and needs are our work slogans."

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