Every woman is a diva

Creator Maja Jokić will present her collection for the first time at Fashion Week

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Photo: Ognjen Jokić
Photo: Ognjen Jokić

Maja Jokić has been creating models for herself, her friends and acquaintances for years. She only recently decided to put her signature on everything she makes, and fashion lovers will have the opportunity to see her first collection at Fashion Week.

"For years I have been cooperating with Oljom Petrović, who makes all the models for me exactly as I imagine them. Years of cooperation with her, who is a professional in her work, led to the fact that she knows instantly what I want to sew", the designer began the story.

They started with unique swimwear, cardigans, summer dresses, tracksuits, and now she has created a whole collection of models for real "Divas".

The "Diva" collection that Maja Jokić will present at Fashion Week includes 10 unique models, in which, as the designer says, every woman who wears them should feel like a diva.

"I believe that every woman is a diva, because each of us carries that something for which we should admire her and that is what we should cherish. I create for ladies who are not afraid to express what they feel deep inside, who know how to carry themselves, their age and beauty, for women who like to look unique and authentic," explained Jokić.

She added that she will not only present dresses at the fashion show, but also other models, because a diva is not only a woman who wears dresses.

Maja Jokic
photo: Ognjen Jokić

"Perhaps the classiness and elegance that every woman carries in herself is a little more prominent in the dresses, but that is not the rule either. Simply, it's not about the item of clothing, but about the character of the style. What women need to understand is that fashion trends are fleeting, but style is eternal," said the creator.

Jokić has added personal sensibility and interest to her style, and she hopes that the audience will recognize her work and the message she sends, considering that she was already doing well when she launched a line of swimwear and elegant tracksuits.

"It makes me happy, no matter how wrong I may sound, that my creations are worn by ambitious, self-confident and interesting women. That really impresses me. I hope that the general public will recognize my work and the message we are sending," Jokić told us.

We call icons of music, fashion, acting Divas... For Maja Jokić, "divas" are not only famous women, although their interest in her creations is greater than expected. Divas are also heroines, mothers, women who know how to present clothes in a quality way.

"Given that October is the 'pink month', these women are special to me and are the biggest divas. As I already said, a diva is a woman who knows how to wear that piece of clothing, to feel beautiful in it and to radiate positive energy," she added.

Considering that the designer sometimes uses crystals and zircons, and sometimes more cheerful colors, she explained that she does not cross the line between elegance and kitsch, she uses everything in moderation, so that it exudes elegance.

"That thread is very thin, but in my creations it doesn't cross, but stays on elegance and glamour. It is certainly up to the women who wear the creations, that is, whether and what details they wear with them".

Jokic also wants her creations to encourage women to show off their looks and all the beauty they possess.

"The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect look, because it's an illusion, that's why elegant and classy is the most attractive today," she added.

Positive reactions to her collection are expected at the Somersby Fashion Week Montenegro event, which will be held from October 23 to 26 this year.

"My wish is that, when someone sees a creation, they don't have to look at the label to know who the creator is, but that they know it's me based on the model, the expensive materials and the details," said Jokić.

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