Ivana Radenović: The Miss Globe competition will open many doors for me

After her modeling career, Ivana Radenović decided to step out of her comfort zone and will represent Montenegro at the Miss Globe pageant, which will be held in Albania from November 5 to 18

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Ivana Radenović, folklore her first love, Photo: Private archive
Ivana Radenović, folklore her first love, Photo: Private archive

Model Ivana Radenović will represent Montenegro at the Miss Globe pageant, which will be held in Albania from November 5 to 18. Tastes should not be discussed, so it is difficult to evaluate beauty, but in addition to this, this competition promotes culture, intelligence and humanitarian work of female candidates.

"Everything about the competition somehow happened spontaneously and quickly. Only after I got a little more information about the competition itself did I actually realize that this is something big for my career. My work as a model, from the beginning until now, was mainly about fashion shows. That's where I found myself and that's what I love. However, for some time now I have had the desire to step out of my comfort zone and try other things that the modeling business has to offer. As for the competition itself, I will do my best to present myself and my country in the best possible way, and I hope for the best," Radenović revealed at the beginning of her interview with Vijesti how she came up with the idea to apply for this election.

More than 100 candidates from around the world will participate in the Miss Globe competition, and the Montenegrin model is especially looking forward to socializing with other beauties and making new acquaintances.

"As I already mentioned, this competition is a great experience for my career. I will meet a lot of girls who have similar interests as me, I will make new acquaintances and that's what makes me happy the most. I believe that after the competition many doors will open for me in the world of fashion, and I am ready for new things," Radenović reveals his expectations.

Radenović has been modeling professionally for some time, participating in local fashion events. Modeling is attractive to many, but this job also has its negative sides, and about them the interviewee of Vijesti says:

"I have been modeling professionally for five years and actively participate in all Montenegrin fashion events. Although it seems easy to people who only see the final result of any fashion organization, it really is not. Sometimes it is quite tiring, when it comes to bigger events, but if you love your job, nothing can create an obstacle for you", believes Radenović and adds that in modeling, as in any job, you meet a lot of people.

"It's completely normal and natural that you don't get along well with someone, however, professionalism always prevails, at least in my case, so as far as I'm concerned, so far, I couldn't single out anything that left a negative impression on me." claims Radenović.

The Montenegrin beauty showed an interest in folklore, which she has been playing for more than a decade, even as a child. As there is a segment at every pageant where the candidates present their talents, when asked if she would "play that card", she answered:

"Folklore is my first love, since childhood, when every child finds himself and discovers his talents, which he will continue to build later. I have been actively playing folklore for 11 years and whenever I have the opportunity I gladly return to it. However, that is not the only thing that I could present as my talent, so I still haven't decided what I will present at the competition in that category", Ivana is honest, who also likes to paint in her free time, and most of her works are created thanks to tahnica oil on canvas. Art relaxes her, and sometimes it can be an escape from fast life, problems...

"Painting is what I've been doing for many years, but it's something that, if I may say so, I've selfishly kept to myself all this time. In moments when I want peace, that will always be my first priority. I believe that each of us has our own oasis of peace, and that is priceless in some moments when our lifestyle, which is quite fast, is exhausting", believes Radenović, who is also a member of the Union of Scouts of Montenegro. With that, he does well in nature and likes to spend his free time in the air.

"For two years, during my high school years, I was a member of a scout club in Podgorica. Although, unfortunately, I am no longer able to be a part of their team, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who, I can freely say, created this love for nature in me and selflessly shared theirs with me. I always like to return to nature and I try to spend part of my free time in it," the model proudly points out. To the question of which parts of Montenegro are particularly enchanting, he answers:

"Our country, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and every part of it is special and beautiful in its own way. I had the opportunity to visit a large part of Montenegro and I could not single out something that I found more or less beautiful. Our natural resources are something that, I think, we are all very proud of," said Radenović, who is in her second year at the Faculty of Polytechnic. About whether she sees herself in modeling in the future, she says:

"Modeling is definitely something I love and want to invest in. I consider myself ready to invest my time, effort and work in more things. Education is important, and that is what always comes first to me, and polytechnic was my calling. I hope that I will be able to give my best in everything that brings me immense happiness and satisfaction", concludes the beauty.

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