New allegations against Russell Brand

The brand allegedly stripped in front of a co-star from the movie "Arthur", who wished to remain anonymous

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English actor and comedian Russell Brand he was recently accused of sexually harassing a supporting actress and his co-star on the set of "Arthur" in 2010. She wanted to remain anonymous in this process, writes the NME portal.

According to the US civil suit, Brand allegedly exposed himself to the actress before following her to the bathroom and sexually assaulting her. The unnamed actress claims that on the same day Brand entered the toilet where she was and attacked her "while one of the members was guarding the door". The brand has yet to respond to these allegations.

According to the BBC, the latest case was filed under New York law that allows alleged victims of sex crimes, whose statute of limitations has expired, to file civil lawsuits within a one-year period between November 24, 2022 and November 24, 2023. . years.

Brand has also been accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional distress in other lawsuits, according to investigations by The Times, The Sunday Times and Channel 4's Dispatches. However, the actor categorically denies all these accusations. 

Since then, England's Metropolitan Police have said they are investigating allegations of sexual offenses committed following the report on Brand. Thames Valley Police is also investigating reports of harassment and stalking.

The English actor and comedian said in a video, recorded before details of the report went public, that these were "very serious criminal charges". In that video, Brand insisted that all of his relationships were consensual. ME

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