At the news of my death

In the old days, Mark Twain, regarding a rumor, said: "The news of my death is true, but it is premature." He was right, of course.

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This new wave of euphoria around artificial intelligence, fueled by the so-called chatbots that chat with you as if they were real, and also know everything, left me completely indifferent.

I read little about it, and there is no question that I would engage in a "dialogue" with that something.

But what you don't want, there are those who will. A close person is Mr. asked the question "Who is Teofil Pančić?" to the chatbot.

The answer is worth quoting extensively, and basic English will probably not be a problem.

Teofil Pancic was a prominent Serbian journalist, writer, and cultural critic. He was born on August 27, 1955, in Belgrade, Serbia, and passed away on February 22, 2021. Pancic was known for his sharp and witty writing style, and he was a prominent figure in Serbian journalism for several decades. He wrote for various newspapers and magazines, including Politika, NIN, and Vreme, and he also worked as a columnist for the Serbian daily newspaper Danas.

In addition to his work in journalism, Pancic was also a prolific author and essayist, and he published several books, including "Four Seasons", "Yugoslavia - a country that died", and "Points and lines: criticism and polemics".

Pancic was a well-respected figure in Serbian culture, and his writing and commentary had a significant impact on the country's political and intellectual landscape. His death was widely mourned in Serbia, and he is remembered as one of the country's most important and influential journalists and cultural figures.

I must honestly tell you that this is a very good biography and that it was worth experiencing.

Admittedly, some of the information in it is incorrect - in fact, almost all of the information is incorrect. The most problematic fact is that I died on February 22, 2021, and I don't remember it at all.

Moreover, my viewing diary claims that the day after the death, I watched Aki Kaurismaki's "The Girl from the Match Factory", calmly, at home, as if nothing had happened.

And then I continued to act silly and go about my life's business, as if I wasn't dead. Or was it all my dream from the other world?

It's not exactly true that I was born in 1955, but a whole ten years later, and I wasn't born in Belgrade. But well, whatever he takes from your life at the end, he gives you back from the beginning, with interest.

I have written over twenty books, but none are named like these three listed. One is probably by Knausgore, the other by Dejan Jović, and the third is still waiting for its writer.

So, that's how things are with mere generals, but they're not always the most important things in life, are they? Not even in death.

Everything else that Mr. chatbot had to say about me was something that anyone in my place could only wish for ("prominent figure", "prolific author", "well-respected figure in Serbian culture", "significant impact on country's political and intellectual landscape" ), but the best of all was that my death was widely mourned in Serbia ("widely mourned in Serbia") and that I am remembered as one of the most important journalistic and cultural figures.

In the old days, Mark Twain, regarding a rumor, said: "The news of my death is true, but it is premature." He was right, of course.

A man thus reaches a certain age when he begins to think a little bit about what people will think of him when he is gone. Even if he deals with the so-called with public work, the matter becomes more complicated. But none of us have seen our obituary yet.

Let alone a text written from a certain "historical" perspective. Mr. Chatbot tried to imagine that perspective, by the way picking up crazy "registrar's" trivia about births and deaths.

To the cold reply "Teofil Pančić is alive", he apologized, removed all such details from the text, and left only the important ones.

It's a great biography, I tell you again. It's a pity that I don't know how much right I have to lay on it. It doesn't matter, I got her, so I will grow her and try to keep her worthy, and one day when... you see what you will do.


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