Voli Premium HORECA presents: A combination of authentic, premium brands, a winning combination for catering

Original French and Italian Neuhauser and Menz&Gasser products

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Photo: Voli
Photo: Voli
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The Voli company within the HORECA category, with a special sensibility for the specific needs of catering, offers customers a thematically segmented offer, adapted to the needs of catering establishments, starting with the breakfast offer, through various kitchen concepts, all the way to the most refined pastry shops and gourmet corners.

In the VIP halls of the restaurant Bar 61, within the complex Naš centar, as well as Bar 11, within the hypermarket in Radanovići, in cooperation with partners Neuhauser and Menz&Gasser, leaders in the market of frozen pastries and jams, a presentation of these first-class quality products was held.

These are two brands that make a winning combination that meets the expectations of even the most discerning Neuhauser, the leading French brand that has been engaged in the production and distribution of bakery products since 1906, and Menz&Gasser, the leading Italian brand in the production of jams and semi-processed fruit and vegetable products.

Authentic French bakery Neuhauser has been enjoying the richness of taste since long ago in 1906, when their first breads were produced in a village in the north-east of France. For four generations, they have been caring for the preservation of the bakery craft and the authentic taste of quality French production. The assortment offers top French bakery specialties that are produced in France, from 100% French, controlled flour. As many as 2.500 partner farmers make it possible to meet customer expectations in the best way. Various types of bread, Danish pastries, brioche, doughnuts... are products of authentic taste that are the result of French expertise in baking, available in 90 different countries. Neuhauser has a wide range of expertise in the field of the entire chain, "from field to table!"

Menz&Gasser, founded more than 80 years ago, is a third-generation Italian company has grown into a leading producer of jams and marmalades in Italy.

Its headquarters are located in Novaledo in the province of Trento, where most of the production takes place, with a factory in the province of Verona that was recently purchased from the multinational Unilever, as well as an Asian factory, which has been operating in Kuala Lumpur since 2019, where Menz&Gasser produces exclusively for local the market.

The leading producer of jams and fruit products in Italy and the leader in the production of sweet portion packs in Europe, Menz&Gasser exports to 50 countries worldwide.

If you want to join the partners of the Voli Premium HORECA segment, you can contact Tomislav Andrović, manager of Premium food & beverage Voli HORECA - tomislav.androvic@voli.me Or via contact phone: 069102103

Some of these products are available in Voli markets, we suggest you try them and feel the difference made by premium quality and original origin.