Boho style is back in fashion: A little romance, lace, leather...

Boho is a fashion style that emerged in the mid-2000s, inspired by bohemian art and lifestyle. It is characterized by a combination of vintage clothing, ethnic elements, hippie influences and a free, informal look

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Illustration, Photo: Pinterest
Illustration, Photo: Pinterest
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Boho style usually includes light materials such as cotton, silk or lace, along with rich patterns and textures. Typical boho clothing items include floral dresses, long skirts, baggy pants, hats, boots, and scarves.

According to the Wannabe magazines, the boho style of clothing is back in fashion – and you can thank Chemena Kamala and her debut collection for the fashion house Chloé. That's why they selected ideas for boho combinations that you can wear in the coming months.

Flowy lace shirts and transparent blouses, ruffles, bell-bottom and patchwork denim, fringed leather jackets, maxi-dresses, suede, i.e. "overturned" leather, over-the-knee boots, mules clogs, platform shoes - all this was seen on the Chloé runway. .

On Instagram, you can find a bunch of ideas for boho-style combinations that are easy to recreate

White lace blouse + jeans + clogs

We "steal" the first outfit directly from the Chloé show - it's a simple and irresistible boho combination of a blouse with lace collars, jeans and clogs with a platform. You can easily recreate it, you just need to find a romantic lace blouse or shirt.

Knitted mini-dress + cowgirls

A sexy mini-dress made of knitwear that you may already have will look even more sensual with cowgirls, who are firmly tied to the boho aesthetic in clothing. Add an interesting leather strap as a detail that ties everything together.

Fringe jacket + gaiter boots

Like cowgirls, similar gaiter boots can also be part of your boho outfit. Another association with that aesthetic is a jacket with fringes and fringes in general, so you won't go wrong with such a combination.

Denim from head to toe + long cardigan + suede accessories

First of all, suede leather, also known in our country as suede or "overturned" leather, is the most suitable for dreamy boho aesthetics. For an urban outfit, pair a statement cardigan with head-to-toe denim.

Sweater + maxi-skirt + biker boots

Contrasts in clothing are very challenging, and this combination is exactly that - a feminine, flowing boho skirt is contrasted with "edgy" biker boots and comfortable knitwear.

Romantic blouse + leather pants/Bermuda

Leather and romantic outfits are so boho – whether you have leather pants, a skirt or other bottoms, pair them with a romantic blouse.

Oversize sweater + satin skirt + bucket bag

We all already know that satin skirts, forever in trend, look chic in combination with knitting, and to make the whole look more bohemian, make the sweater really oversize and add a knitted or bucket bag.

White mini-dress + long boots + biker jacket

If you want to wear boho outfits this spring, a white dress or skirt is simply a must. They are easy to style – a white dress will always look chic with boots and a leather jacket.

Snake pattern + suede leather

The snake pattern can be a more exciting alternative to the mega-popular leopard print, and it looks especially interesting with suede, i.e. flipped leather, whichever model you choose.

Maxi dress + knitted bag

Finally - a basic boho combination, which we believe you definitely have in your closet - a combination of a knitted bag made of natural materials and a maxi dress.

photo: Pinterest

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