Nine style tips for dressing after you turn 40

As the years pass, we become wiser and more stylishly savvy, so these tricks will give you additional fashion inspiration.

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Illustration, Photo: Pinterest
Illustration, Photo: Pinterest
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You have completed the fourth decade of life and you are wiser in terms of fashion, with a defined personal style. So now it's just about making the right style decisions to look flawless at all times.

In order to always be on the right fashion path in the years to come, Harper's bazaar reveals nine tricks you'll want to keep in mind when dressing.

Don't give up on heels

Heels are a piece with which you will always look sophisticated and perfectly complete any combination. Bonus: The heel doesn't have to be dizzyingly high - even 4 cm ones will play a real role.

Highlight the collarbone instead of the bust

A deep V-line was a great thing in your 20s, but now you're more mature and mature. Instead of emphasizing your bust with push-up bras, focus on your shoulders with boat silhouettes.

Choose blouses with ¾ sleeves

Blouses that reveal slender forearms carry with them a special dose of sensuality. Bonus: If you're wearing a piece with long sleeves – roll them up.

Invest in fashion accessories

You are a grown woman. This means that you deserve a bag, which - under a) you will proudly carry with you everywhere and under b) which will provide you with a minimum of two compliments a day. You never regret investing in timeless materials, such as leather, for example.

Choose darker jeans

Fact: Darker jeans will always make you look thinner. Plus, since it's close to black or indigo blue, it's a suitable piece of jeans even in mature years because it has a touch of refinement.

Neutral designs instead of prints

We're not saying you should ditch all the floral pieces now, but in general, the simpler the look, the more elegant and decent the impression it makes.

Find the perfect fit

Now you are aware of your body and silhouette and know what cuts suit you well. Pants in combination with a blazer will take your styling to a higher level.

Treat yourself to fine pieces that will last for years

We all love trends, but make sure your wardrobe includes high-quality fabrics that are worth investing in because they will last for years.

Gold jewelry

It's time to trade the various trinkets for jewelry that is "every girl's best friend" - pieces of gold that are real and refined, just like you.

Of course, each of these tips may or may not be valid. Just fit them into your style, as long as it makes you feel good.

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