With a touch of elegance: You can spend the whole summer in this outfit

Fashion, it seems, has not promoted elegance as much as in 2024.

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Illustration, Photo: Instagram/kelseymerritt
Illustration, Photo: Instagram/kelseymerritt
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Judging by the review of the latest collections, it can be said with confidence that this summer will be very sophisticated in fashion. Since the arrival of warmer weather, we've already spotted some of the most beloved influencers wearing classic summer outfits with a touch of elegance, writes harpersbazaar.rs.

That's not to diminish the importance or purpose of bolder trends that emphasize personality, but we can all agree that it's always a great idea to have a variety of timeless combinations that you can rely on for both vacation and everyday wear.

So which classic summer outfits are starting to stand out?

There is definitely a focus on tailoring, whether it's a vest worn with matching trousers or some jean shorts tamed down with a jacket. The dresses are simple yet chic, with white ruffled sleeves and there are black dresses with thin straps, each of which proves to be a reliable option.

While you are looking for summer combinations that you will be able to wear both on vacation and for wandering around the city, take a look at eight suggestions for elegant-classic styling this season.

White mini dress + shoulder bag

Crop top + linen pants + sneakers

Silk shirt + Bermuda shorts + sandals

Blazer + shirt + denim shorts

Striped shirt + linen skirt + wicker bag

T-shirt + wide pants

Vest + matching pants

Linen set

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