What women want to hear while making love

Words can be a powerful aphrodisiac in bed

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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Everyone has their preferences while making love, but these five sentences will appeal to most women.

1. Tell me what you want

The myth that men are supposed to read women's minds is plain nonsense, but perhaps you could encourage your sweetheart and simply ask her what she wants. For mutual benefit.

2. Yes, I have a condom

Self-conscious women will take care of contraception themselves, but they always like to know that their partner is also taking care of it and is aware of the importance of being sexually responsible.

3. Do you like what I'm doing?

Shy women may not immediately let their partner know what suits them best. Therefore, this simple question is an effective way for a man to find out if a woman feels good or not.

4. I love your…

We all sometimes feel a little insecure during lovemaking, so it's nice to hear what our partner likes most about us and what he can never get enough of. Such a sincere compliment in intimate moments boosts women's sense of self-confidence.

5. You are fantastic

Men love it when women praise their sexual skills, but why shouldn't they praise theirs? Quality sex is a two-way process in which equality must prevail, writes Zpodjena.

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