Seven clear steps: How to restore confidence after a bad relationship

If someone has often said negative things to you, it's possible that you've started to believe them yourself

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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A toxic relationship can have a very strong negative impact on the self-esteem of the people in it. Unhealthy behaviors can become habits, and after you get out of that relationship, it's important to adapt and adopt healthy behavior patterns. 24 hours. hr brings a list of habits and behaviors that will help you rebuild your shattered self-confidence.

1. Identify toxic beliefs about yourself and change them

If someone has often said negative things to you, it's possible that you've started to believe them yourself. When someone constantly tells you that you're unattractive, not smart enough, or funny enough, you can start to see yourself the wrong way. Identify the beliefs that are negative and think about where they come from, then try to change them, because negativity will do you no good. If necessary, talk to people you trust or a psychotherapist.

2. Write a list of everything good about yourself

Affirmations and gratitude always help, especially if you make an effort to concentrate on them. Make a list of things that are positive about yourself down to the smallest detail and repeat it to yourself.

3. Set boundaries

In toxic connections and relationships, boundaries are often crossed, so you can easily 'get lost' and only later realize that you didn't want to let someone treat you like that. Forgive yourself and set new boundaries that you will respect, no matter what. Warn people who you feel are crossing your boundaries about it, and if they don't respect them, don't tolerate their behavior.

4. Take care of the healthy relationships you have

It is possible that you have neglected loved ones and healthy relationships because of a toxic relationship, so now try to make amends and nurture relationships that bring you peace and happiness.

5. Pamper yourself

A toxic relationship can be exhausting, both mentally and physically, so it's time to regain your energy and strength. Take care of your sleep, eat healthy and get used to physical activity that will raise your energy and dopamine levels in your body. Or - prepare your favorite dessert and just relax.

6. Step away from social media for a while

Social networks can sometimes trap us and increase negative feelings if we start to compare our lives with other people's lives. In order to get better faster, forget about social networks for a while and enjoy peace without unnecessary content.

7. Set your goals

Maybe you had goals that fell through the cracks due to the disconnection, so it's time to set new ones. Don't give yourself too much at once - start slowly and gradually add new ones.

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