We're giving away iPhone 15!

How does it sound to have the iPhone 15 in your hands with just a few clicks, completely free of charge? It gives you that possibility Soccerbet!

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Photo: Soccerbet
Photo: Soccerbet
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You probably already have an Instagram account - that's half the job! Jump to our Instagram profile (@soccerbet.me) and take the chance to enrich your digital world. All adults in the territory of Montenegro have the right to participate in the prize draw!

Game rules are simple and you can find them on the Soccerbet profile, which is available for all questions.

The lucky winner will be drawn on Wednesday, May 22. Maybe it will be you!

If the drawn winner does not meet the conditions of the prize draw, the draw will be considered invalid and will be repeated.

By participating in the prize draw, participants confirm that they agree with the Rules of the prize draw. Participants do not incur any costs for participating in the prize draw. By participating in the prize draw, participants consent to the use of their name and likeness for promotional purposes.

This prize draw is not considered a game of chance pursuant to Article 2 of the Law on Games of Chance, but solely a giveaway and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram or Apple.

Good luck everyone!