Relaxed, the best in the area – CITY MARKET

Your good neighbor, always there for you for anything you need

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Photo: Domestic store
Photo: Domestic store
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Guests surprised you, you ran out of milk, you're craving something sweet - don't worry because City Market is always there for you.

City market is a brand of Domestic Trade, characterized by modernity, practicality and a wide selection of products for all occasions. Locationally, they cover urban neighborhoods and enable quick and easy shopping.

The modern ambience of City Market has professional service and friendly staff who are always ready to help and make the shopping experience unique. We remind you of the exceptional offer of domestic and foreign brands, fresh fruits and vegetables that find their way to tens of thousands of homes throughout Montenegro every day. Lovers of fresh bakery products know that a good day starts at City Market, as an ideal place with a wide range of baked goods.

In addition to a good bakery, fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also find packaged meat from Domača masara of top quality in City markets.

With the Club Plus loyalty program, all loyal customers in City markets have the opportunity to receive 5% cash back on their next purchase with a bill of 15 or more euros simply by using a card or application.

City markets are spread over 37 locations throughout Montenegro, and the branch network is growing month by month. New investments in existing facilities continue and continuous work is being done to expand the range of consumer goods, so that City Markets remain the favorite shopping place of all generations.

So, don't hesitate and visit your neighbor - City Market - RELAXED BEST IN THE END.