Carefree. BMW X1 M - SPORT

Drive the BMW X1 carefree

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Photo: Voli Motors
Photo: Voli Motors
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FROM 49.990e



*up to 200 km

**up to 60 km

The new BMW X1 impresses with its versatility and functionality:

A clearly structured exterior design language for a sporty and confident presence

Available with an internal combustion engine, as a plug-in hybrid or fully electric

The modern interior is equipped with high-quality materials and innovations such as the BMW curved screen

Optionally available with an electrically swiveling trailer hitch.

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photo: Voli Motors
  • Always on the right track with a proactive route suggested by BMW Maps - Connected Navigation
  • On the go with your favorite apps: the smartphone integration of your new BMW X1 supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Simply put down and charge: the wireless charging cradle of the new BMW X1 charges your smartphone inductively
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photo: Voli Motors

Driver support systems and driving dynamics of the new BMW X1

Experience an even greater level of safety and comfort in every situation thanks to innovative driver assistance systems.

  • Intelligent support on the go via Driving Assistant Professional
  • Maximum comfort when maneuvering thanks to the reversing assistant
  • Parking assistant is also there to help you whenever you park
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photo: Voli Motors

For additional information, call the BMW Voli Motors dealership on 020 652 880


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