Do Kwon and Hon Chand Yun will still defend themselves from freedom

Attorney Branko Anđelić confirmed to Vijesti that the Basic Court decided again and accepted the bail proposal for his clients

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Do Kwon, Photo: Luka Zeković
Do Kwon, Photo: Luka Zeković
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South Korean citizens Do Kwon (32) and Hon Chand Jun (37) will defend themselves against charges of falsifying documents.

This was decided today, in the repeated proceedings, by the judge of the Basic Court, Ivana Becić, who ruled that their custody be terminated after they pay bail of 400.000 euros each.

She decided that Do Kwon and Chand Jun should stay in the apartment of their legal representative, lawyer Branko Anđelić, and his unmarried wife until the end of the proceedings.

Lawyer Anđelić confirmed to Vijesti that the court accepted bail.

Judge Becić decided again on their proposal to defend themselves from freedom with bail after the High Court on May 24 annulled the original decision of their colleagues, which accepted that they leave the Pre-trial Prison when they pay the money.

Do Kwon and Hon Chand Jun were arrested at the Podgorica airport at the end of March, and the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica accused them of committing the criminal offense of document forgery.

On that day, the plane of the private company "Alliance Jet", ready to fly to Dubai, was waiting for Do Kwon and his business partner, but he, however, did not go beyond passport control - the border police officer who was checking his documents turned on the "Find" application. with a warning - "arrest".

A warrant has been issued for the two of them for the criminal offense of criminal association, and for Kwon, the former, as they call him, the "king of crypto-currencies", and for accusations of a $40 billion fraud.

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