The judge's decision to defend the Koreans from freedom: 400.000 euros each is a sufficient guarantee

The defense attorney of the South Koreans, Branko Anđelić, announced that he canceled their power of attorney after the bail proposal was accepted, due to the "political context" of that case... He assessed that their financial circumstances are not exclusive...

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Arrested at the end of March at the Podgorica airport: Do Kwon, Photo: Luka Zekovic
Arrested at the end of March at the Podgorica airport: Do Kwon, Photo: Luka Zekovic
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They offered bail of 400.000 euros each To Kwon (32) and Hon Chand Jun (37), is not an insignificant part of their property and represents a sufficient guarantee that it will not interfere with the further course of the proceedings, judged the judge of the Basic Court in Podgorica Ivana Becic.

In the decision, she also assessed that the fact that the validity of the passport must be officially established means that it is uncertain how long the procedure will take.

On June 2, in a repeated procedure, she made a decision to accept the bail offered by the citizens of South Korea, and only after their defender, a lawyer Branko Andjelic, submitted evidence to the court about the assets of Do Kwon (32) and Hon Chand Jun (37).

Anđelić confirmed this for "Vijesti", adding that their financial circumstances "are not exclusive, as has been presented in the media for a long time".

The day before yesterday, Judge Becić accepted the proposal for bail and decided that the two South Korean citizens will be free to defend themselves against charges of forgery.

However, extradition proceedings await them, as South Korea and the United States are looking for them for criminal association, and Do Kwon, the so-called "cryptocurrency king", is also suspected of a $40 billion fraud after the crash of ter and luna tokens last year.

Anđelić replied to "Vijesta" that the rights of the two South Koreans in the extradition proceedings will be taken care of by their legal representatives from the USA and that yesterday, after his proposal for bail was accepted, he canceled the power of attorney for Do Kwon and Chand Jun.

"The political context of this case is something I don't agree with. Along with canceling my power of attorney, I will continue to act in the interest of the clients for the next 15 days. What is my duty, as a lawyer who is still obliged to represent the client's rights, is to inform the competent authorities about certain facts and allegations that my client informed me about, and for which I received his instructions," Anđelić said.

Asked to clarify the "political context", he said that he did not agree to continue with the defense as demanded by lawyers from America.

"Not finding an agreement on the strategy of further defense in the extradition proceedings, I did not accept to continue with the defense as requested by lawyers from America, because my call must remain professional without leaving the framework of criminal proceedings. Not accepting to fight for the client through the media, I warned the lawyers from America that I will inform their chamber about their actions, with evidence of their actions".

Do Kwon and Hon Chand Jun were arrested at the Podgorica airport at the end of March, and the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica accused them of committing the criminal offense of document forgery.

On that day, the plane of the private company "Alliance Jet", ready to fly to Dubai, was waiting for Do Kwon and his business partner, but he, however, did not go beyond passport control - the border police officer who was checking his documents turned on the "Find" application. with a warning - "arrest".

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