Spajić: Do Kwon was arrested thanks to me...

The leader of the Europe Movement now rejects the accusations made against him in letters by the arrested "cryptocurrency king" accused of forgery and fraud

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Do Kwon, Photo: Savo Prelevic
Do Kwon, Photo: Savo Prelevic
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Milojko Spajić claims that Do Kwon was arrested thanks to him and the world-famous members of the blockchain community.

He told Vijesti that the members of that community, whom he brought to Montenegro to develop IT technology and projects in Montenegro, reported Do Kwon to Minister Filip Adžić:

"As soon as we found out that he is in Montenegro, because he is one of the people who cast a shadow over the entire crypto community with his fraud. Do Kwon is a fraud who defrauded millions of people, including my friends and the company I worked for, when we invested in this project in early 2018, which is why we had the special satisfaction of reporting him as soon as we found out that he was hiding in Montenegro, and that a private plane was waiting for him to go to Dubai," Spajić said.

According to unofficial information from Vijesti, Do Kwon sent a letter to several addresses of Montenegrin officials, in which he allegedly severely accuses Spajić.

To Kwon
To Kwonphoto: Luka Zeković

That leader of the Europe Movement now said that after that, together with Prime Minister Dritan Abazović and Minister Adžić, he visited those conscientious members of the blockchain community, at the camp they organized in Montenegro:

"And which brought together the most famous and best experts from the IT, biotechnology and blockchain sectors".

Hon Chand Jun
Hon Chand Junphoto: Boris Pejović

He claims that they were informed about the "scenario" a few weeks ago:

"That they will try to connect us and Do Kwon, and the only connection is that he deceived us all and that we reported him with pleasure so that he does not escape from Montenegro, which he mysteriously entered. It is precisely because of such situations that we initiated the passing of the law would protect consumers from fraud, and enable honest members of the community to work".

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