Sky correspondence of Lazović with Zvicer and Milović: "Minja Šaković's blindfold was taken in Bar"

Lazović informed the head of the bar and the fugitive colleague about all police actions against the members of the Škalja criminal group

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Šaković's armored car, Photo: Sky/Vijesti
Šaković's armored car, Photo: Sky/Vijesti

Secret agent arrested Petar Lazovic he informed the head of the Kavački clan and his fugitive colleague about all the measures the police were taking against the members of the organized criminal group Skaljari, even when they confiscated an armored car from one of them.

He did the same on August 24, 2020, after his colleagues in Bar confiscated the vehicle of the now deceased Milić Minja Šaković, at that time the head of the Podgorica cell of the Škaljar clan, emerges from the transcripts of conversations conducted through the protected Sky application, which Europol provided to Montenegrin investigators.

"To let you know that Minja Šaković's blindfold was taken in Bar", Lazović sent to the bar leader that day Happy Switzerland and an important link in that crime team Ljub Milović.

Immediately after that message sent to the group chat, the then informal leader of the Department for Special Operational Support of the Sector for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption (SPBOK) also sends photos of the cars that his colleagues seized.

"Was there a stench", asks Zvicer, and Milović is interested in whose "blinds" are the Russian license plates on the tow.

They both get an explanation. Lazović informs them that the police still don't know who the car was for, and that they took Šaković's away while waiting for someone to come to the blind with Russian license plates.

"We don't know yet. They were still waiting, and while waiting for her, Minja bumped into her," writes Lazović, who at the time was a member of the Sector for the Fight against Organized Crime and Corruption, which was headed by his father. Zoran Lazović.

After that, he sends them a photo of a car with Russian license plates on it, and the head of the Kavački clan sends a message that Šaković's phone was also taken away.

"And Minja's phone was taken. Whose are those two blinds in NK?", Zvicer asks the policemen, and Milović answers him with the question - where are they?

"They were in the NK, some grandfather put them through customs on bonds," answers Zvicer.

Kavčani then discuss who the armored car with Russian license plates is intended for.

"To whom did they want to give this one, maybe Ulama, since Ulama has been lending until now," sends Milović.

Lazović sent photos of "suspicious" cars
Lazović sent photos of "suspicious" carsphoto: Sky/Vijesti

Zviter answers him that Ulama (Vladimir prim. aut) - "It doesn't go over"...

"I'll ask the tourists where he is," adds Milović, and from the correspondence they keep intensively during those days, it appears that he addresses Baranin with that derogatory nickname Edmond Mustafa, a member of the Skaljar criminal clan, which in the summer of 2020 was under the control of Lazović and Milović.

Milović then presents his plan for Mustafa, and Zvicer asks the two policemen, "Do you have him recorded by the spy?" and gets an affirmative answer.

"Which of them does he write with?" Zvicer asks, to which Milović replies - "With Jova, for sure." He told me that Ulami used to give blind".

The head of the Kavac clan states that he (Mustafa) "can make them sleep".

Milović, who previously requested that an encrypted application be provided for that Baranin, says that this will happen "when they finish this for him".

"Then I slowly squeeze him to inform me. If he is not productive, then he will be subjected to repression and blackmail. We can always burn it. That's the easiest for us," sends Milović.

"Do you have a video of him spying?" Zviter asks, and receives the answer from the policeman - "Cuš".

"Top", sent by the head of the Kavac clan...

Lazović was arrested on July 18, 2022 in Podgorica, a year after Europol submitted files to the then Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) that heavily accuse him of working for the mafia, not against it.

He denied guilt.

Petar Lazović (archive)
Petar Lazović (archive)photo: Boris Pejović

Encrypted messages that the arrested security guard sent to Zvicer, his fugitive colleague Ljubo Milović and the accused drug lord from Pljevlja Darko Sarić, show, however, that he was part of the Kavačac clan.

In communication with the Kavčani, he called the members of the Skalja clan opposed to them enemies, revealed to the mafia their movements, the actions he was carrying out, which of the Skaljars he was arresting.

He called Zvicer his brother, and in his communication with Šarić, he asked that Pljevlja man to guarantee Kotoranina for Milović as well, so that the latter would "make room" for him to work with them.

Among other things, the accused security guard bragged to the head of the Kavački clan that he was torturing the arrested, who they assumed were members of the organized criminal group Škaljar clan, and was extorting statements from them.

The messages also show that he was carrying out Zvicer's orders - beating the thieves, arresting them, kidnapping them, but also that he was informing him about the punishments they were allegedly negotiating with the Special State Prosecutor's Office.

Hidden behind a nickname Junior he collected votes for the parliamentary elections in 2020 with Zvicer and Milović via the encrypted Sky application, and often mentions Katu, Lomia, Tiger, A CA i Z.

It follows from the continuous communication that it is Kata former Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic, whom Petar Lazović also mentions several times, and even when he talks to the head of the clan of the organized criminal group, the blacksmith clan, about the allegedly agreed punishments for individual criminals.

It is clear from the messages he sends that under the letter "Z" is his father Zoran Lazović, whose photos from the official premises he also shares on chat... The elder Lazović at the time was the assistant director of the Police Directorate for the fight against crime.

He explains in messages that he is A tiger actually Ranko Ubović, the owner of "Bemaks"...

In January, the SDT filed an indictment against the arrested secret police officer, Zvicer and Milović, who is still on the run from the police.

The indictment was also filed against Slobodan Kašćelan, Radoje Živković, Nikola Spasojevic, Milan Vujotić, Duško Roganovića, Radovan Mujović, Radovan Pantović i Nikša Perović.

According to the indictment, that criminal organization was formed in the second half of 2020 and, in addition to Montenegro, operated in South America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

The defendants are charged with several serious crimes, such as serious murders, attempted murders, smuggling of drugs, weapons and cigarettes, as well as abuse of office.

Lazović is included in several other SDT cases, all of which relate to the organized criminal group Kavčani.

During the presentation of his defense, he denied the commission of criminal acts, claiming that he arrested the members of that clan, and did not associate with them.

Lazović's legal team previously announced that their client's exposure to public opinion and condemnation has been ongoing for more than a year.

They stated that there is no evidence against him, except for the messages from the Sky ECC application. Zvicer is on the run, and the SDT filed several indictments against him for the most serious crimes.

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