Best for Medojević to disappear: Lazović and Zvicer in 2020 considered a way to keep DPS in power

The PzP leader said that he was not surprised that his disappearance was planned, because they tried to kill him 15 years ago. "What happens when a deputy disappears?" asks Zvicer. "I thought about it, but someone else would have taken over," Lazović replies

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Nebojša Medojević, Photo: Luka Zeković
Nebojša Medojević, Photo: Luka Zeković

While in October 2020 they were considering a way to ensure that the Democratic Party of Socialists remained in power, the members of the Kavac clan stated that it would be best if the leader of the Movement for Change disappeared Nebojsa Medojevic.

This stems from the transcripts of their conversations conducted through the encrypted Sky application, which the European Union Law Enforcement Agency provided to Montenegrin investigators.

Medojević told Vijest yesterday that he was not surprised by the information that his disappearance was planned, because they tried to kill him 15 years ago.

Medojević's name was written by the then member of the Sector for the fight against crime and corruption, now arrested Petar Lazovic and that after being the head of the bar Radoje Switzerland, during the story about the purchase of assemblymen, asked with a smile what happens if one of the assemblymen disappears.

"What happens when a deputy disappears?" Zvicer asks and puts a smiley emoticon at the end of the message.

"That would be the best one Medojević", Lazović replied to him on October 22, 2020, and then explains that he will also consider that option...

"On the contrary, they are transferring those mandates. That's the easiest," writes Zvicer.

"PZP MPs are the loudest"

The former secret agent then explains that he thinks the same way about that topic: "I thought about it, but someone else would have taken over," writes Lazović.

Medojević was also mentioned in the conversation the next day, when he and the PzP MPs were described as "the loudest".

On that day, Lazović sent the head of the clan from Kotor a list of all deputies who were not in the DPS camp, with derogatory qualifications against each individual and ratings of who would be the easiest to buy...

The transcripts show that he got that information from a person whose name was "Miki1" in his phone.

Before writing to Zvicer that it would be best if Medojević disappeared, Lazović shared with Zvicer the idea of ​​buying the assemblyman.

Discussed with the policeman how to leave DPS in power: Switzerland
Discussed with the policeman how to leave DPS in power: Switzerlandphoto: Sky/Vijesti

At that time, the government had not yet been formed, after the parliamentary elections in which the DPS lost three decades of power.

The parties that negotiated the formation of the government at that time had one more MP compared to the previous regime of the DPS and its partners. The transfer of one of the deputies to the "other side" would enable DPS to stay in power.

"If you don't have access to this opposition, can we buy someone?", Lazović asks Zvicer, and the head of the bar replies that he didn't think about it: "I didn't think about it at all." How many should be bought?"...

Lazović explains that one or two are enough.

"They take a million or so and they get a headache, we all protect them afterwards, and let them keep barking like the opposition", explains Lazović...

They regularly interfered in politics

The news previously reported that the arrested security guard had discussed politics with the leaders of the Kavački clan before the same elections in 2020, at the time he was angry that some did not give "even a bank" to the party they support.

Lazović said in Sky Communication with Switzerland that the businessman Ranko Ubović for just one election, he "split a couple of millions" and that was at the persuasion of his father, now a retired police officer Zoran Lazović.

"Tiger bursts at a few million for the elections because Z tells him, and this Z looks at him like a brother, you know all this", is one of the hundreds of messages that policeman Lazović sent to the heads of the Kavački clan in the summer of 2020.

Petar Lazovic
Petar Lazovicphoto: Boris Pejović

That August 9, the younger Lazović explains in messages that Tigar is actually Ranko Ubović, the owner of "Bemaks", and it clearly follows that under the letter "Z" is his father, whose photos from the official premises he also shares on the chat...

At that time, the elder Lazović was the assistant director of the Police Directorate for the fight against crime.

In the communication with the pubs, he apparently criticizes his father's colleague from the office at the time for not contributing financially to the policy they support...

"Brother, you know the situation and you are leaving yourself. Whoever goes past Z and Tigra helps anyone, whoever goes gives except them! The only Z with his friends doesn't fool around and doesn't deny his friends, did it cost him, yes! Could he have like Golub honey, yes, but Golub only gives to children, nobody else banks! Only Z and Tiger. Tiger bursts with a couple of million for the election because Z tells him, and this Z looks at his brother. You know all this. It's not that he's my Z, but that's the way it is, people like him are you and Liam and no one else that I know of! You saw off every godfather and helped and raised the village... and then it's my fault because the rest bought the biggest cream! If it's not like this!” writes the younger Lazović to the head of the Kavački clan.

Nickname Liam on the Sky app he used Darko Saric.

During his correspondence with criminals from the Kavački clan, he indirectly threatens, stemming from the communication, a businessman from the coast... He emphasizes that even the Old Man who sleeps in his building will not help that hotelier, if he only resents them.

"Hot one pussy, fuck, because his old man is sleeping there. Well, let him make a mistake, and you'll see what the Old Man will do to help him. Here, please correct me if I was lying, I swear by both Zorans!!!", sent on August 9, 2020, an active policeman to Zvicer and now a fugitive policeman Ljub Milović.

Five days before the election in August 2020, the head of the Kavac clan sends Lazović and Milović a list of safe voters in and out of prison.

Milović suggests that everyone make lists and that "Zoran" take it away.Lomia". Lomi in the Šatrovac language means Milo.

One has the names of 33 prisoners at the time, and the other has the names and surnames of 18 family members Radovan Mujović, five Kankarasha, noting that they have never voted, as have four family members Davor Avdić and four Backović.

Addresses are entered for all of them.

Immediately after the lists arrived in the group, Milović replied:

“The list. Top", and Switzerland gives an explanation:

"The first list is prison. Most of them are hosts in the rooms and each of them will drag others, families, etc. Others have been against everything until now, the list is not final".

Milović then states that there is none Junior (Peter Lazović) to coordinate, and Zvicer states:

"The being stretches someone".

"Let everyone make a list of families, friends, comrades, I will go with Junior to Zoran and tell them what we have. Let them list everything in order. Because everyone would be against it if you told. There is an apocalypse of people here, and Zoran Lomija said," writes Milović.

"Everyone will vote what I tell them," Zviter replied.

Medojević: The mafia was afraid that I would not take over the security sector

PzP leader Nebojša Medojević told Vijest that he knows that after the 2020 elections, he was targeted by the mafia, which, he claims, was afraid that he would not take over the coordination of the security sector.

"The key fear was that I wouldn't take over the reform of the security services, because they knew that I had the support of the West and NATO structures, and they knew that through their people in the government, in the National Security Agency, the Police Directorate, the Prosecutor's Office... I was their target not because of the vote, but because I exposed their organization, and they were afraid that I would not be the coordinator of the services, because I would implement everything I said about the state of emergency and mass arrests, and transfer the experiences of Italy, Mexico and Colombia in the fight against drug cartels who control the country. It's not a surprise for me, I've known that for a long time," said Medojević.

He points out that because of everything, he has had a developed safety culture for a long time:

"Because I know that I am their target. Members of their parapolice organizations were always around my building, they were often on the flights I take, not to mention the threats via Facebook... I never informed anyone about that. I also knew about their plan to pay a criminal from Republika Srpska who would attack and insult me ​​then in the parliament, but I also had good choices in the security structures, in the National Security Agency, as well as international agencies, who informed me about everything. time informed. It was absolutely their plan and it has been going on since 2008," he said.

Medojević reminded that he has been targeted by the mafia for a decade and a half, and claims that the National Security Agency has been following him for a long time, secretly and illegally, because of his international contacts.

"Back in 2007, I announced the structure of that drug cartel in the parliament, after a stay abroad, where I received information at a representative security meeting. Then a group was organized to kill me and they were paid one million euros. Through the action of international services and international partners, they were arrested, but they were falsely accused of murdering Bujić, even though I was the target," he said.

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