Suspect arrested for robbery of optician's shop in Podgorica

Two vehicles suspected of being used in the commission of a criminal offense were seized

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Photo: Tiktok/Optika Mirković
Photo: Tiktok/Optika Mirković

Zoran Bulatović (52) from Podgorica and Željko Ćulafić (47) from Andrijevica were arrested on suspicion that on November 20 they broke into the optical shop "Optika Mirković" on Rimski trg in Podgorica and stole glasses with a purchase value of 46.900 euros.

"Officials of the Regional Security Center 'Centar' - Podgorica Security Department, by taking measures and actions within their competence, shed light on the criminal offense of serious theft that was committed to the detriment of the optical shop 'Mirković' on Rimski trg in Podgorica and deprived two suspects of their freedom. Deprived ZB (52) from Podgorica and Ž.Ć (47) from Andrijevica. It is suspected that they committed the said crime by making an opening in the wall from the neighboring business premises during the night of November 20 , entered the optician's premises and stole 225 pieces of glasses of different brands, with a total purchase value of 46.900 euros," the Police Directorate announced.

The police seized two vehicles from Bulatović and Ćulafić, which are suspected to have been used during the robbery.

"Podgorica police searched the apartment and other premises used by ZB, and seized a rifle, two pistols and a certain amount of ammunition in legal possession, as well as some ammunition in illegal possession, from his relative VB, in relation to which the state prosecutor ordered that filed a criminal complaint against VB on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of illegal possession of weapons and explosive materials," the police said.

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