The businessman ordered the attack on Brković in which Vojicić lost his life

Milović and Zvicer on Skaj claim that they know who all participated in the attack on Jevrem Brković and announce that they will use this information to blackmail the private individual who is allegedly behind the crime. The accused Vuković was interrogated in prison by Mario Milošević, and then he informed his associates about the "collected evidence" ready for extortion.

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Investigation after the attack and murder in the center of Podgorica, Photo: Arhiva Vijesti
Investigation after the attack and murder in the center of Podgorica, Photo: Arhiva Vijesti
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A Podgorica businessman organized an attack on a writer Jevrem Brković, during which his companion lost his life Srdjan Vojicic October 24, 2006

It comes from the police officer's communication Ljub Milović and the head of the Kavac criminal clan Radoja Zvicer, on the once encrypted application Sky.

At the end of September 2020, the two commented on the relations of that businessman with the assistant director of the Police Administration at the time, stating that they were bad, and that they could use the information they possessed to blackmail that private individual and his former bodyguards.

"He paid for Jevrem to be impaled, so they killed that Vojičić," writes Zvicer on September 29.

Milović replies that he also knows about that information, as well as who all participated in that attack.

The Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) did not respond to two sets of questions from News about the crime from 2006, whether they heard the businessman mentioned in the Sky application or the others that Zvicer, Milović and their associates talk about.

From the transcripts provided to the Montenegrin investigators by Europol, it follows that Zvicer received information about this from the Investigation Prison, from his soldier who was "interrogating" him behind bars. Željko Vuković, accused of complicity in the murder of Vojičić and the beating of the now deceased writer.

Among the millions of messages exchanged by the criminals, there is also a photographed letter allegedly written by the accused Vuković, in which he describes the event, how much he was paid for it, who paid for it... this man from Podgorica also claims that he did not know who he was going to beat.


It follows from the communication between Milović and Zvicer that Vuković's statement was "taken" by the accused for serious crimes Mario Milošević.

The head of the bar forwards Milović's correspondence with Milošević, during which they agree to blackmail the Podgorica businessman and his bodyguards, one of whom is a former policeman, with that written confession.

It is written in the transcripts that they planned to blackmail him to force him to "set up" Budvanin for them in Reževići. Marko Ljubiša called Kan and now deceased Milić Minjo Šaković from Podgorica.

"I can beat him up... He paid to be a Jew, so they killed that Vojičić," Zvicer sends.

Milović replies that this is correct and adds that there were also associates of that businessman, whom he mentions by last name.

"Yes, he was also there...", replies Zvicer, mentioning the third person - the businessman's former bodyguard.

"Yes, ... I think he shot... But I forgot," states Milović.

Zvicer then explains that the accused Vuković is in the prison room "with ours" and that he made a statement:

"There he is in our room, he made a statement... Let them ... ask for money," says the head of the bar, giving the businessman's name.

Vuković is brought in for questioning
Vuković is brought in for questioningphoto: Savo Prelevic

Now the escaped policeman is making a retrospective of the crime from 2006 and says that, in addition to those mentioned, some members of the so-called Zagorica clan also took part in it, stating specifically who had which role in the attack on the writer.


"They gave them 1000 euros each, and 100 was an honor... The bearded man should take the money," said Zvicer.

He then adds that one of the former DPS ministers was involved in that business, without specifying what it was about.

"Let them take a good statement from him, a detailed one with a detailed description, as many details as possible", Milović instructs the head of the tavern, from whom he receives a reply that the statement is already being written, but that Vuković is trying to save "this coward who was with him".

He also states that the man from Podgorica is trying to "exclude" the former policeman from the statement, but "does everything he is told"...

Then he insults the former policeman, explaining that Milošević had asked him a month before that conversation whether he should influence Vuković, but that the latter distanced himself from the accused for complicity in the murder of Vojičić, stating that he had nothing to do with it...

"He's a gypsy, when you don't need him, put him on the list, let him hang out," sends Milović, and Zvicer forwards him the correspondence with Milošević with the note that he should not say anything to the secret agent. Petar Lazovic "because it threshes a lot"...

The policeman then suggests that they first "squeeze" that bodyguard, and through him the businessman, adding that "now they cannot control the police" and that "no one can help them now"...

"We have statements with and without ....... But there are 20 pictures, he described everything vividly, there is DNA on the stick, so no one can save them", writes Zviter.

Milović teaches him that Vuković should write at the end that he is ready to take a polygraph to answer for every detail he mentioned.

"They gave 1.100 euros for murder to a silent drug addict, and euros since then. And not to bury him. What kind of cunts they are," states Zvicer after he forwarded Vuković's statement to Milović.

The policeman concludes that the team they are talking about was sure that "he will not speak".

"And not to turn to him. Bad people," he writes, and Zvicer explains that they have already given Vuković money "on his word" several times, and that now they may need to give him less...


Srđan Vojičić was killed in the center of Podgorica on October 24, 2006, in front of the building where the writer Jevrem Brković lives.

It was Brković who was the target of the attack in which his bodyguard Vojičić was killed.

On the thirteenth anniversary of the murder of Vojičić, Jevrem Brković told Television Vijesti that the motive for the attack and liquidation was his novel Ljubavnik Duklje, in which he wrote about the connections of the then ruling political and business elite with organized crime.

Due to the suspicion that he participated in that criminal act, Vuković was arrested the day after the thirteenth anniversary - on October 25, 2019.

Senior State Prosecutor Beautiful Medenica then she announced that "intense activities, collected information and forensic data" led to the elucidation of that crime. On the same day, the then assistant director of the Police Administration Enis Baković announced that Vuković was not the direct perpetrator of the murder.

Tom Podgoricanin is being tried in repeated proceedings, and according to the indictment, on October 24, 2006, in Ulica obala Ribnica, "with two other persons, according to a previous agreement, he premeditatedly tried to kill several persons".

"The defendant with two unknown persons, armed with a gun and metal bars, came to Ulica obala Ribnica in the immediate vicinity of number 8, where he hid with them in the dark, waiting for the arrival of the injured Brković and Vojičić, who was in charge of his security, knowing that they have to come to that place because the victim Brković lives there. At the moment when they arrived in an 'Audi A6' vehicle, the defendant Vuković, together with an unknown person, attacked Brković with bars, by swinging and hooking him on the head, but he was prevented from further attack because Brković managed to snatch the bar from him and to knock him down, and during that time the unidentified person was hitting him in the head and body with a metal rod. When Vojičić went to help Brković, another unknown person immediately fired two shots at Vojičić, from a pistol of an unknown brand, which resulted in death," the indictment says...

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