Abazović: A gentleman gave 100.000 euros so that a truck with confiscated cigarettes ended up in the yard of a house

Abazović claims that the media, police, analysts were financed with money from cigarette smuggling, former representatives of the Liberal Alliance, pro-Serbian options were "bought"...

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Abazović (archive), Photo: Boris Pejović
Abazović (archive), Photo: Boris Pejović
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The President of the URA Civic Movement, former Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, said that he thinks that "a certain gentleman" gave 100.000 euros so that the truck with confiscated cigarettes ended up in the yard of a private house, instead of in Nikšić.

When asked who it was, he said that "it doesn't matter, it will be revealed just like these other things", referring to the arrest of businessman Aleksandar Mijajlović and other persons charged with cigarette smuggling.

"The gentleman is from this team we are talking about, he was not prosecuted. He gave 100.000 euros to cause political, moral and any other damage to me personally and to the people who fought for it. He knew which company was doing the transport and gave a reward that one of those vehicles don't end up where they should, but in a private house," said Abazović in the Press plus show on Adria TV.

He claims that the media, police, analysts were financed with money from cigarette smuggling, former representatives of the Liberal Alliance, pro-Serbian options were "bought"...

"Things are moving in the right direction. I feel a sense of personal satisfaction after yesterday's arrest. No surprise, I knew it was coming. We will also witness other actions. That struggle of the previous three years has now received its first epilogue, even though all people are innocent until proven otherwise," said Abazović.

He said that it is a "huge thing" for Montenegro that "members of the notorious Grand clan" were arrested, behind which, he claims, the co-owners of the Bemaks company stood.

"They had an impact on political life. Slowly but surely we will move into calmer waters. In Montenegro, several clans smuggled cigarettes, that business, as estimated by our foreign partners, was worth around 500 million euros per year. If it lasted 20 years, from the end of the nineties, then it is about billions of euros. Someone says that it was a state job," said Abazović, as reported by the portal adria.tv.

The leader of the GP URA said that in 2020 he promised the citizens that "the mafia will no longer rule" Montenegro.

“Through that business, Grand was the biggest of those clans. They did it by washing containers in the free zone of the Port of Bar, creating false manifestos and documentation. Full tow trucks went through the gate and went on several routes, most often towards Rožaj and Bosnia and Herzegovina," claims Abazović.

From that money, he claims, "people from the top of the criminal pyramid" were financed, as well as "hundreds and thousands" of people who were involved.

"From guards with 50 to 100 euros each, ordinary police officers, customs officers, to people within the Customs Administration. There was a message, but from a different clan, that they were ready to give a million euros so that only the head of the branch would be changed, and one who was loyal to them would be appointed. From that money, media, police, analysts were financed, apartments were bought, monthly allowances were given, former representatives of the Liberal Union of Montenegro, representatives of pro-Serbian options were bought. I'm talking about continuity, not in the last two or three years," Abazović said.

He also states that many things were financed from that business, and that there is no doubt that the political campaigns of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) were also financed.

"Whether SDT will determine that is another matter. Therefore, I stand behind everything", he adds, stating that he is not presenting it as evidence, but as operational data.

Abazović says, as reported by the portal adria.tv, that with that money "social peace was bought and an empire was built, not only through a construction company, but a group of people, which has more money than the budget" of Montenegro, which is 3,4 billion euros. .

"Bemaks is good in construction projects, it is a good company. I targeted several people, and I am on trial with him," he said.

He pointed out that the story about Serbian influence, the Serbian Orthodox Church, deviating from the EU path was just a story to divert attention from cigarette smuggling.

He also said that some of the people he targeted are starting to smuggle narcotics through Luka Bar...

"That is the main thing that determined our political opportunities in Montenegro. I mentioned Ranko Ubović, Aleksandar Mijajlović and that Zoran Lazović is the patron of the drug cartel. After that I had to face vomiting every day and today I joked that if this continues, I won't have anyone to judge," he adds.

He welcomed the efforts of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) and the Special Police Department (SPO), and the attacks on the SPO, i.e. the head of that department, Predrag Šuković, Abazović claims, are motivated by the desire to stop such arrest actions.

"I have a certain international support for what was the fight against crime. Until there was political will, we did not have Vladimir Novović or Predrag Šuković at the head of SDT and SPO. If the citizens didn't forget that, it wouldn't have happened until the 43rd Government", he pointed out.

He personally thinks that, as he says, Aleksandar Mijajlović is at the top of the pyramid.

"There are a few more people there. I think we entered the superfinal, there are a couple of other people, possibly patrons," he said.

Abazović also said that journalist Duško Jovanović was killed after writing articles about cigarette smuggling.

"I claim that he is a victim of the tobacco mafia. The investigations that were conducted wrongly and the evidence were destroyed, and the goal was to never reveal that the tobacco mafia killed Jovanović. I'm not accusing these people specifically, but I think he was a victim of the tobacco mafia, after he bravely tried to point out what it was about," he added.

He said, referring to cigarette smuggling, that "there is another company", but did not say which one.

"Then people will see who the people from the 42nd Government are close to that company. From 42, I mean after August 30 (2020)," said Abazović.

He said that he had not heard that Justice Minister Andrej Milović praised the action of "bringing people from the Grand clan to justice."

"I didn't hear, maybe I missed something. Neither him nor Mr. Spajić. I did hear PES, but not them personally," he added.

Abazović repeated that he suspects corruption in the case of non-extradition of the Turkish citizen Binali Čamgoz to that country.

He said that he is ready to take a polygraph in that case and in the case of other accusations against Milović.

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