Lazović also offered "Grand" cocaine

Thanks to Petar Lazović, the prosecutors established the identity of Aleksandar Mijajlović on Skaj. Milović writes to Zvicer that this partner only connected them with the head of cigarettes after losing the election

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Mijajlović is taken to the Special State Prosecutor's Office for questioning, Photo: Luka Zekovic
Mijajlović is taken to the Special State Prosecutor's Office for questioning, Photo: Luka Zekovic
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Identity Aleksandar Ac Mijajlović from the Sky application was discovered thanks to the arrested security guard Petar Lazovic, claim from the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT).

Their files state that the suspect is on a once-encrypted phone program with Ljubo Milović talked about the possibility of smuggling cocaine to Dubai, and then introduces Mijajlovic into the story, who they need for information.

"Let's see Aca, he has strong combinations there", writes Lazović on November 30, 2020.

According to Sky, Mijajlović promised him that he would first see what he could do, after which Lazović informed the escaped policeman that the job could be done through ports in Bulgaria and Greece.

Lazović then offers him to do business with them and explains to him how many kilograms of drugs his partners participate in the total load of half a ton: "Ok, if you are going to tell me how much to put in these days, the officer will 60, the commander 100... This is unrelated for what I asked you now if you're going to Rotterdam".

Connected friends only after the fall of DPS: Lazović
Connected friends only after the fall of DPS: Lazovićphoto: Boris Pejović

A few minutes later and the head of the Kavak clan Radoje Switzerland gets that information. Milović informs him about a possible new smuggling route.

"Junior asked this one what he was carrying cigars for taking out. He did not want to give contacts before the elections were lost. A strong one is coming in 5-6 days, which will take it to Greece. Bulgaria should be there too. I don't know if it's interesting to us... Is the Ecuador-Greece line valid, I've never discussed it with my folks. Since he has a company, he can take it to Macedonia to be taken over," writes Milović via the encrypted Sky application to the leader of the organized criminal group the Kavački Klan.

Mijajlović is suspected of having committed criminal acts - creation of a criminal organization and smuggling. The Prosecution claims that, among other things, he ordered and delivered tens of thousands of packs of cigarettes of different brands from the United Arab Emirates on several occasions, and then organized their storage and transfer through the customs line, while avoiding customs control measures.

"He determined their price, method and terms of payment, and he himself or through other persons further distributed and sold them," SDT states in the documents.


The prosecutors explain that on the last day of November 2020, Lazović asked the now fugitive policeman Milović how much a "piece to Dubai" costs.

"I don't know, it's a life sentence there... They tear the arm off," replies Milović.

Lazović then explains that he will ask Aco for help, because "he has strong combinations there", and the interlocutor suggests that he see with him where he has all the positions.

The former secret agent asks for clarification on what exactly he should ask that man from Podgorica, and he gets the answer:

"See if there is any position. I can ship anywhere. Wherever the ships from Ecuador go, I can send... Is there safe removal... Does he know what that means... Does he have control in a port, so that they can safely remove... the shipment of goods from the box" , advises Milović.

Ljubo Milović
Ljubo Milovićphoto: Sky/Vijesti

Hidden behind the nickname Officer, that fugitive explains to Lazović that at that moment "only Rotterdam is working", and that before that shipments arrived in Istanbul, Hamburg and Antwerp.

Not long after that, Lazović wrote to Mijajlović through a once-protected application, to whom, after asking "Are you online?", he forwarded the correspondence with Milović.

According to correspondence from the Sky application, Mijalović is also interested in how cocaine is packed into containers, and Lazović asked Milović for clarification on that.

"He sends it to the account with other goods, so the whole container is taken over, or does it go around the ship and take it out?... And tell me which goods are sent with the goods most often, which other goods besides", Lazović conveys the doubts of the Podgorica resident.

Milović then explains to them that drugs are packed in containers with other "dry" goods...

He adds that it depends on the team members in charge of "extraction": "Dry bin... It all depends on what they say, which one to put in." That has to be coordinated... With the people who take out, in the port where the cargo arrives... They give the green light and then we put in"...

The policeman negotiates with Mijajlović in a separate chat, and then tells Milović what the possibilities are:

"Is Bulgaria and Greece interesting... Most likely there is," Lazović asks.

He received the answer from Milović: "That would be great"...

The escaped policeman writes to his colleague that the shipments from Bulgaria would have to be sent to another place: "But that's not a problem, they would organize it"...

They continue their correspondence about Greece, and that same night, Lazović offers Mijajlović to decide whether, and with how many kilograms of cocaine, he will participate in the next shipment arriving for the account of the bar...

The prosecutors claim that from the evidence collected so far, there is a well-founded suspicion that Mijajlović communicated with other members of the criminal organization, using the communication platform Sky.

"The factual basis for such a conclusion derives from the content of the communication itself and the material evidence consistent with it," it is written in the prosecutor's files.

They explain that they "caught" Mijajlović from the communications he had with Petar Lazović and the defendant Dejan Jokić...

Mijajlovic was arrested on February 19, in a multi-month operation by the Special State Prosecutor's Office and the Special Police Department, in cooperation with the European Union Law Enforcement Agency (EUROPOL).

According to SDT claims, he is one of the organizers of the so-called Grand Clan. Special prosecutors suspect him of creating a criminal organization that smuggled cigarettes with another person, whose identification they are working on.

The members of Mijajlović's criminal team were labeled police officers by the SDT Milenko Mića Rabrenović, Radoje Rabrenović, Dragan Backović i Mirko Mijušković, then Dejan Jokić, Golub Vojinović, Zoran Žuto Đukanović and several persons whose identification the prosecutors are working on.

The members of that criminal team were arrested almost at the same time as the one that, according to the prosecutors, was formed by a man from Nikšić. Milan Rogač.

SDT labeled his fellow citizens as members of that crime team Milan Vukadinović i Mile Simanić. Allegedly, that criminal group did not cooperate with the team from the so-called Grand Clan in the illegal cigarette smuggling business.

The High Court told Vijesti that detention was ordered for all those arrested due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that they had committed criminal acts, and as a basis the judge accepted the risk of escape...

Judge Mugoša clarified that all 11 are suspected of creating a criminal organization and the extended criminal offense of smuggling.

According to the court documents, Backović is also charged with money laundering, abuse of official position in conjunction with the criminal offense of smuggling...

Is there a port in Macedonia?

During the negotiations regarding which ports are safe for them, Lazović informs Milović that "Macedonia can"...

"To which Ljubo Milović replied: 'Is there a port in Macedonia?'"...

Threats to Medojević were discovered by two members of the group

During the identification of members of the Grand Clan, the prosecutors were also helped by the threats reported in February 2021 by one of the leaders of the Democratic Front, Nebojša Medojević.

The investigators, looking through the correspondence related to that case, determined that on February 8 of that year, Dejan Jokić and Golub Vojinović were interrogated in the Special Police Department, which they talked about through the encrypted application.

"Medo reported to us because of that picture, that his life was in danger... There was a lot of fuss about it, but everything will be ok... They will call us for an interview on Monday, possibly Tuesday, so come by tomorrow evening to let's agree on the details", Jokić sent on February 6.

Nebojsa Medojevic
Nebojsa Medojevicphoto: Luka Zeković

Vojinović answered him: "What about his mother's mouth... It's okay, brother." I'm coming tomorrow evening", to which he received instructions from Jokić not to mention anything to anyone - "Because this is still unofficial"...

That man from Žabljak, who lives in Podgorica, was also interested in where Medojević filed the application, so Jokić replied:

"To the Minister of Police and an... There was such a fuss made, as if someone from Bosnia was given 100 to do it... A classic story to make as big a fuss as possible... Well, it's the same story as this for Knežević and Abazović, which was. Media fuss and in the end nothing... Everything to harm a friend"...

Vojinović, with insults against politicians, writes to him that he understands everything...

Two days later, Jokić and Vojinović corresponded about giving a statement before the Special Police Department...

They are preparing bail for release

Next week, the defense of the arrested Aleksandar Aco Mijajlović will propose to the High Court that the suspect for creating a criminal organization and cigarette smuggling be released on bail to defend himself in the further course of the proceedings.

His defense attorney Zoran Piperović told "Vijesta" that.

Mijajlović, the seven members of the criminal group allegedly formed by him, was ordered to be detained for up to 30 days by the investigating judge of the High Court, Suzana Mugoša.

"The office will probably propose bail next week, although the narrative is often that something, and it concerns bail, is premature. In the CPC, nothing is premature, everything is standardized, there is no provision anywhere that could, for example, be interpreted as requiring a certain amount of time to pass for an action. Everything is crystal clear and the court's position is how it will react to something that is submitted as a request in a timely manner and in accordance with the CPC," said Piperović.

Piperovic photo: Boris Pejović

He pointed out that since the beginning of the year, Mijajlovic traveled abroad every fifth day - mostly with his family or basketball players: "If he wanted to, he could not have returned, because he had the opportunity to hear for three years how he was going to be arrested, which, as which you know the former prime minister, the fantastic Dritan Abazović, constantly pointed out," said Piperović.

Piperović explained that of all the grounds on which the Special State Prosecutor's Office requested custody, the judge accepted only the risk of escape.

He praised Judge Mugoša's explanation, pointing out that she "showed a high level of professionalism, which is the most important thing for any society."

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