Liquidation of Mustafa: The Skaljars killed a dangerous witness?

Dino Ibrahimović was arrested shortly after the crime in Bar on suspicion of shooting a fellow citizen. For years, Mustafa publicly said that he knew which of the members of his clan was responsible for 11 murders. Investigators are determining whether this is why he was shot yesterday in the center of the port city

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Mustafa (archive), Photo: Savo Prelevic
Mustafa (archive), Photo: Savo Prelevic
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The police are determining whether members of the Skaljar criminal clan killed yesterday Edmond Mustafa in order to prevent him from talking to the investigators about their joint criminal actions, in which he allegedly participated until recently...

Mustafa was liquidated around 9 am in Bar.

He died at the hands of associates from that clan Dino Ibrahimović (27)

While he was walking, the executioner approached him from behind and fired several shots at him from an automatic rifle. The 29-year-old man remained dead on the spot, and the killer escaped on an electric scooter. He was identified and arrested less than an hour later.

The liquidated twenty-nine-year-old man was considered a member of the Bar clan headed by the now deceased for almost a decade. Alan Kozar, and who in the war of the Montenegrin clans "drowned" in the criminal Skaljar clan.

After the liquidation of Kožar, in the summer of 2020, insiders claim that Mustafa changed his jersey. This is supported by the transcripts of numerous messages and photos exchanged on Sky by arrested and escaped police officers, in which they claim that Baranin is under their control.

Cops Petar Lazovic i Ljubo Milović i Ivan Stamatovic, that's what they write while reporting to the leader of the Kavac clan Happy Switzerland, to whom they promised that Mustafa would accuse the then absolute leader of the Skalarians of more murders Jovan Vukotić.

The police, however, claim that yesterday's shooting was a showdown between members of the same criminal group.

For years, Mustafa has been announcing on social media that he knows which of the gangsters ordered and carried out 11 murders, in which, as he claimed, he himself participated...


The police and the prosecution suspect that Ibrahimović fired several projectiles at Mustafa at 9.10:XNUMX a.m. yesterday: "As a result of which action EM died on the spot."

Eyewitnesses from catering establishments in Maršala Tita Street said that they heard several shots... One of them said that five or six shots were heard, and that when the shots stopped, they went out to the parking lot and saw a man lying between two car, in a pool of blood.

Allegedly, Mustafa's sister, whose workplace is only a few meters away from the place where her brother was killed, was among the first to run.

After the execution in Bar, that port city was blocked, and eyewitnesses described the killer to the inspectors. This helped the police officers in identification, so after an hour they found and detained a twenty-seven-year-old man - he was running away on an electric scooter, with a helmet on his head...

From the investigation after the murder in Bar
From the investigation after the murder in Barphoto: Marija Pešić

Acting Assistant Director for the Anti-Crime Division Lazar Scepanovic announced that immediately after the report of the murder, an extensive blockade of the city was established, to take necessary operational-tactical and technical measures and actions with the aim of identifying, locating and depriving the perpetrator of the criminal offense or several of them.

"During the implementation of the blockade of the city and the search measures and actions taken and the search of the terrain, in an extremely short period of time, and based on the description of the perpetrator of the criminal act, the effective reaction of the officers of the Regional Security Center 'South' and the effective and timely setting up of the service, the suspect DI was prevented from escaping (27) and deprived of liberty. On that occasion, he was driving an electric scooter, and he was wearing a helmet. "During the search of the area in the first place of the escape, the DI police found a black travel bag in which a firearm was found - an automatic rifle," Šćepanović announced yesterday.

In his statement, it is also written that Ibrahimović is charged with the criminal offense of illegal possession and carrying of weapons and explosive substances.

"According to operational and intelligence data available to the Police Directorate, both persons are members of a criminal group operating on the Montenegrin coast. In addition, DI is already wanted at the international level - an international warrant has been issued for him by a country with which the judicial authorities of Montenegro do not have an extradition agreement signed," Šćepanović's announcement reads.

Who are the killer and the killed

The murdered Mustafa filled the newspaper columns reserved for the black chronicle for almost a decade.

He was arrested for crimes with elements of violence, extortion, illegal possession of weapons... In correspondence from the Sky application, there is an official note made by Lazović in August 2020, allegedly after a conversation with Baranin.

In that police document, it says almost the same thing that Mustafa later posted on Instagram. On that social network, he wrote on the account dojjaci_licno_djavo_po_svoje that he knows who participated in the murders Armin Musa Osmanagić, Andrije Mrdak, Srđan Vlahović, Bozidar Tomašević, Željko Vukoslavčević, Ivan Laban, Slobodan Šaranović, Niko Roganović, Miloš Šaković, Marko Jovanovic, Brand Sjeloće i Jovan Klisić.

The Special State Prosecutor's Office told "Vijesta" on April 1, 2022, in response to questions about this, that they are taking all measures within their jurisdiction.

"The Special State Prosecutor's Office, in relation to all information about the possible commission of a criminal offense under the jurisdiction of this prosecutor's office, undertakes all measures and actions prescribed by law in order to verify them, and in particular we are not able to communicate more data and information in order to protect the interests of the procedure that is in current", said the spokeswoman of SDT at the time Sanja Jovićević.

Ibrahimović was also arrested several times - for attempted murder, violent behavior, but also for accusations that he was part of an organized criminal group responsible for the murder. Scepan Roganovic. Roganović was killed on the stairs near the Kanli tower on February 13, 2020, around nine o'clock.

They are responsible for that liquidation Igor Vukotić, Mili Bajramović, Krsto Vujić, Marko Radović, Igor Glavaš, Miloš Komar, Slavko Radulović, Miloš Gvozdenović and Dino Ibrahimović.

Vukotić, Bajramović and Vujić are being tried in absentia because they are on the run. All the defendants denied their guilt.

Irena Burić interrogated the suspect

The prosecutor from the Higher State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica, Irena Burić, ordered Ibrahimović to be detained last night after the hearing.

Earlier yesterday, she told reporters that she suspects that Baranin is the direct perpetrator of the murder.

"I carried out an investigation on the spot together with the officers of the Bar Security Center and experts from the Danilovgrad Forensic Center, the traces from the scene were taken out, which will be the subject of further expert examination," said prosecutor Burić.

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